Loadpipe Foundation Week Update Feb 12, 2024 – Map002

Welcome to our second weekly update!

Last week:

Some exciting partnerships pending

Partnerships with others who are also exploring ecommerce on the blockchain are in progress, though it’s too early to provide specific details. It is blue ocean and we see anyone active in the space as someone to listen to, learn from, share with, and hopefully cooperate with!

Had an amazing discord community Town Hall on Tokenomics

The Thursday call discussing Tokenomics lasted over 2 hours, and the community’s engagement was remarkable. We’re thrilled about it! We’re already planning another session this coming Tuesday at the same time. Be sure to check our Discord for more details.

Onboarding more from the community to participate more actively

We’re seeing more people getting involved on a project basis. We aim to structure this process as transparently as possible to welcome others who contribute to both earn and support. Last week, Don assisted with marketing strategy, and James contributed to tokenomics and business development in the Web3 space.

This week:

Announcing our second segment in the Map!

Project Raft is currently underway, and we’re excited to share a fun update and a new game with everyone this week. Stay tuned for the announcement!

Second Discord Town Hall: more Tokenomics

Planning to do these even twice a week! The next one is scheduled for Tuesday at 4pm Thailand time. Once again, join our Discord for all the details.

Following up on Various Partnerships

We have been getting connected to others in the new ecommerce blockchain space, and have more follow-up calls and hope to make some alliances this week.

Finance and Corporate Structure

We have various companies and structures in place but still more to go. Glad to have talented legal and finance team building up and getting a flow and procedure in place.

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