Loadpipe Foundation Week Update Feb 19, 2024 – Map003

Welcome to our third week plan, time is flying!

Last week:

Town Hall 2 Highlights: Tokenomics

An insightful town hall session was led by James, our new BD advisor, where we delved into tokenomics and had a captivating 2-hour discussion. Stay tuned for the recording, coming soon on our Loadpipe YouTube channel. Subscribe now at Loadpipe YouTube.

Progress Update: Nurturing Strategic Alliances for Future Growth

We continue to have deep discussions with a potential strategic ally. While it’s premature for a formal announcement, our fourth call signals excitement as our visions align.

Welcoming Don: Enhancing Marketing and Launch Strategies

Don joined as a marketing consultant and launch consultant. Mike briefed him on the current marketing, content, assets, and strategy.

Development: Custom Multi-Vendor Marketplace Coming March 2024

Continued development of a custom multi-vendor marketplace scheduled to launch in mid-March 2024.

Insights from India: Market Research Discoveries

Mike returned from his trip to India, bringing back extensive research on the market, as well as establishing connections with local contacts and e-commerce sellers.

This coming week:

Town Hall 3 Announcement: Exploring the State of the Blockchain

Join us on Wednesday, February 28th, at 8pm Thailand time (pending) on our Discord server for a State of the Blockchain town hall. Previously exclusive to the team, we’re excited to open these sessions to the community. Make sure to join us on Discord at https://go.clktrack.com/discord.

Deepening Integration Discussions with Potential Partners

Engaging in a fifth call with an exciting potential partner, focusing on practicality and technical aspects with hopes of transitioning to broader business and interpersonal discussions soon.

Marketing Plan Progress Update: Crafting Strategy and Storyline

Don, our new marketing consultant, will be brought up to speed next week and aims to present a refined marketing plan, strategy, and storyline shortly after.

Transitioning to “State of the Blockchain” Theme

After 2 tokenomics focused town halls, we will move to “State of the blockchain” theme this week while James and others process the last couple – expect another town hall theme tokenomics session the following week.

Finance and Payment Flow Refinement

With the previous workflow and standard operating procedures (SOP) pending, we will be refreshing them in the near future. A departmental call is scheduled to further streamline the finance and payment flow.

So much more! This is very early stage “blue ocean”.

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