Loadpipe Foundation Week Update Mar 3, 2024 – Map005

Last week Beau, our CTO, co-founder, left Chiang Mai, where he’ll be now in Europe working through the summer.  Had a few intense meetings and organization and admin – we are all happy with the massive progress the last 2 months while he was here (and when the project more formally started going into full time full push gear).

He’ll also be going to Eth London events in 2 weeks time, where we are also working hard on a sprint to have a new marketplace front end ready by then. Also presenting at the HandyCon online event for the Handshake and decentralized web space at the same time.

Events & Town Halls:

Planning our events and calls more in advance – was intense amount of calls last few weeks – our next Town Hall “State of the Blockchain” format is Wednesday April 10 at 8pm Thailand time. Planning to do it every 6 weeks.

Tokenomics and modeling has been in full push, James onboard and clear more and more of the economics and various parts of the ecosystem. Made a first draft spreadsheet model and we are all “playing with it”.

Need to align our tokenomics with the alliance we are working on (code name – Martin protocol) and are excited to have a weekly call now for the last 5 or so week. All very excited.

In Summary:

* Product – 2 weeks push to get a new front end marketplace, more custom built than the current “project raft” ready – for Eth London / HandyCon events.
* Marketing strategies getting put in place – learning that we should have 2 campaigns  one for the vendor and the other for the buyer – as they seem like 2 very different avatars and experience levels in crypto and blockchain.
* HR, Admin, Finance – setting up more policies + procedures (as any startup moving fast, is trying to catch up the finance side asap).
* Tokenomics – models getting put in place, more clear actors and incentives being put in place.