Loadpipe Foundation Week Update Mar 10, 2024 – Map006

Event week! End of a sprint session as well, which our team has always enjoyed as a reason to push hard and get some deliverables done.

Last week we finished some wireframes and UI/UX screens of Hamza marketplace.

Confirming some agreements with new team members getting involved in IT, marketing, and design departments.

Thursday we won a Ideaton web3 compteition (full blog here https://map.loadpipe.com/winner-Web3-Spring2024-Ideaton )

This coming week:

  • Eth London this coming weekend! Beau is there to represent! Working on a focused product during the event to network, meet devs, and go for some prizes!
  • HandyCon.xyz is this week too, all things decentralized web. Loadpipe team (speaker Beau if he is up for it while on the road, or TBD) is presenting there.
  • Don pushing on the vendor side marketing campaign initiative for late April
  • Luciano getting the UI/UX going with some revisions
  • Garo working on implementing the UI/UX Luciano made to show at Eth London for our sprint.
  • HR/ recruiting – we are looking for more developers – those with experience in MedusaJS (our front end framework for Hamza) and also experienced in building ecommerce marketplaces are a plus.

Community events:

  • Pending a weekly tokenomics call this Friday, 4pm Thailand time to present the Lite Paper