Loadpipe Foundation Week Update May 13, 2024 – Map015

Back in Thailand after an intense half week in Hong Kong, talking all things Bitcoin and Web3. A lot – a LOT of energy and momentum in this new cycle – and Loadpipe is positioning itself as best it can.

Product Side – adding more developer resources, structuring the dev team.

Main Goals of Software Dev this week:

  • Finish expanding multi-vendor to encompass the database, setting the stage to start multi-vendor admin next sprint
  • Continue to integrate payment provider into Hamza
  • Pricing: correct price display and usage during checkout (pricing)
  • Begin integration of OAuth authentication (social login, custom onboarding)
  • Begin association of customer email addresses with wallet addresses (customer onboarding)
  • Begin (and possibly complete) integration of Product Inventory

Marketing / Business development side – doubling down on market research and surveys. Don has been surveying various ecommerce merchants and collecting more feedback and requests. Knowing the users deeper will pay off long term.

Fundraising – A lot of interest in Hong Kong. Does feel that is the best place for “smart money” on this cross-border ecommerce blockchain project. Need to update our powerpoint, as in the pitch various pieces of them were used.

Finance – re-adjusting budget as we want to grow faster. David getting more involved.

Overall, a lot of momentum – team getting more familiar with each other, product getting more clear (preparing for go-live in July at EthCC) and getting interest from the users and investors community.