Loadpipe Foundation Week Update May 20, 2024 – Map016

As I type “foundation” in the title, that is exactly what we are building. Still in our infancy, we must get the core team aligned, confirmed, and in the right position.

Last Week:

So the last couple weeks has been a bit more extra energy on this. As well as dealing with “decentralized governance” in our still infancy. Yet we do not want a dictatorship, we want a democracy. This takes more time (TLC – tender loving care), and this is what we have been working hard on establishing.

Therefore, re-adjustment in our core team’s own roles and responsibilities has been underway, and a smooth and equitable transition has mostly completed.

This Week:

This coming week we are looking to execute more smoothly on the adjustments in the team.

We have our debut at EthCC in Brussels in July, which is now under 2 months away. The dev and bd team have been discussing what will be ready to show at this event, and are firming that up this week. Also those on the team going to Brussels need to lock in our flights and hotel arrangements.

Our development team has been growing, and we are working on a budget for the product team so that decisions can be made more quickly.


  • Confirming Demo of Hamza for EthCC in July
  • Working on streamlining budgets and decisions by department
  • Budgets and burn rate calculations and forecasts.
  • Business Development –  CRM setup, presentation plan, bucket establishment