Loadpipe Foundation Week Update June 3, 2024 – Map018

Last week hearing a lot of positive vibes from various teams and departments – that we are in a groove and in a flow state. Many people underestimate the delicate process of an early stage project in the PEOPLE. We have dedicated quite some time on aligning as a team, structuring the team and roles – and we all can notice it kicking in to place.

Product Team:

We have Jonny onboard to work with the front end integrations and am excited to have his support.

Product team has been growing and we are making a nice sprint board with the main goal of as solid of a demo for EthCC in Brussels on July 8.

Luciano and the design department is forming and coordinating directly with the product development team, discussions about mobile vs web priorities on the demo day.

BD & Marketing Team:

Mike is in China at the moment, had a lot of BD meetings with suppliers, supply side IT networks, ecommerce seller meetups, blockchain meetup.

Later this week Mike will be attending GMvietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest blockchain event in Vietnam. Those following our reports may have picked up that Vietnam is one of our target markets with the large crypto adoptions.

Beau and a talented design agency put together a new information packet for Hamza as we prepare to pitch and gain input from the investor community.

Don has been working on the vendor survey, Empower The Seller and discussing strategies on reaching more sellers. Also on the community building side.

Finance and Legal

We are getting our numbers in place for the runway left in our current budget. We are lining up with the pitch deck and the EthCC and the product timeline to see how much we can get done and the deals we can make.

Also discussing a lot on the governance side on the adjustments on payout voting, timing, and more.

The first coordinape round finished on May 31 and we will be reviewing the results from this.