Loadpipe Foundation Week Update June 10, 2024 – Map019

Hamza marketplace is heating up – seeing the internal testing site and the growing development team and am excited on what we are seeing. True workflow between the product team and design team.

Last Friday had another nice “kumbaya” call where we went through Feb, March reflection of what was accomplished and recognized each’s contributions.

Less than a MONTH to EthCC where we will be showing our demo and getting the word out more. Had a great business development call with Beau, Alex, and Mike for 1.5 hours last week on strategy and checklist for making the most of it – as well as slogans and marketing concepts.


Logistics is becoming more clear to Mike and once back in Chiang Mai (this Friday) will have a full report to John on various IT and workflows to fit into the Hamza marketplace. But never been more clear and excited on it.

Mike is heading from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi today for more IT meetings. From his learnings Hanoi is more for development, and Ho Chi Minh is more for community and BD. While in Ho Chi Minh, at the GMVietnam blockchain week, meetings with many other companies – it is certain Vietnam is a top market for the launch of Hamza.

This coming week more nailing down on what exactly will be in the demo for EthCC, more preparing for the conference on a marketing and BD side, and team flow and followups on meetings.