Loadpipe Foundation Week Update June 17, 2024 – Map020

Mike is “back” from an intense 3 week business development trip in China and Vietnam. Lots to unpack and already making various introductions to team members here to scale up faster and grow more efficiently.

The Hamza marketplace demo is on track for EthCC / July 8, 2024. Working closely with strategic partners on various integrations and announcements.

Planning a Decom Dinner (decentralized ecommerce dinner) during Eth CC – looking at doing it on July 9 – finding a restaurant and creating invitation. The goal is to invite those potential partners, investors, and early adopters to network with and talk more deeply about decentralized ecommerce.

Development team is forming nicely, John working on reviewing the sprints and the team structure as we plan to continue to become experts at this “decom framework”.

Governance is making strides with the first outcome of the “pre-hamza” times (pre-2024). Had a nice “kumbaya” call last Friday and are in the second round of voting on Coordinape to empower the team.



  • Product Team:
    • In a strong flow state, on track for Hamza’s demo at EthCC on July 8, 2024.
    • Significant progress in feature development and bug fixes, collaborating with UX designers to enhance the interface.
  • BD Team:
    • Mike debriefed on logistics in China and IT/buyer-side operations in Vietnam.
    • Ongoing negotiations with key partners, aiming to improve market reach and service delivery.
  • Governance:
    • Completed the first Coordinape cycle and nearing the end of the second.
    • Transitioning to a monthly cycle, integrating community feedback to improve transparency and inclusivity.