Loadpipe Foundation Week Update June 24, 2024 – Map021

We are all in for Hazma marketplace. Less than 2 weeks to go for Eth CC in Brussels.

Demo is looking solid, on a staging server for us to review on the business side. We are having calls going through the flow and UX (user experience) of it.  Bug testing and ensuring the connection to various protocols and data feeds (images started to pull!) are working fine. SSL, all that jazz.

On the marketing and BD side, Lorilei is starting with us on the research/whitepaper / content / branding side. She has been following from the community side since early days and we are happy to have her help here. She reviewing the pitch deck and enhancing it with our new Hamza branding.

Swag has been ordered for shirts and thai inhalers (to get some eyeballs)

Here’s some images
T-shirts in progress

Inhalers in progress

Finalizing the venue and details for a July 9 dinner for decentralized ecommerce (decom), invite only. This will be a way to invite those we meet in the event and have a more intimate setting.

The tokenomics and governance side has been ironing out with the “catching up” of earlier coordinape rounds. Once we finalize the past, we can start to streamline monthly coordinape rounds and in more real time reward contributors for their efforts.

We are about halfway through the year and chipping away. Mainly on track and the most important part is the team is “gelling” and optimizing communication and flow.