Loadpipe Foundation Week Update July 8, 2024 – Map023

Greetings from EthCC conference in Brussels, Belgium! This is the big day – Beau, Garo, and Mike are here representing – preparing to present our first decom marketplace – Hamza.

The product team has been hard at work getting the final demo ready and we plan to flip the switch to show this latest demo on the www.hamza.biz site


It is quite the milestone to finally move on – from the “rickety raft” phase of our first version site (test net) to our more native blockchain built marketplace, “project boat” (still on testnet for now) on the Hamza river.

Already the team of 3 are splitting up to cover as much ground as possible at EthCC – lots of side events. On Sunday already met a few VCs and grant committee members of various parts of the physical world and the blockchain world.

group of 3 WhatsApp Image 2024-07-08 at 08.06.54 (2).jpeg
Photo of Garo, Beau, and Mike in Brussels

COLLECTING FEEDBACK: Networking & Preparing for Next Milestones 

This is an exciting milestone for our team and this project. We had a nice dinner with Mass Market last night, met their team.

2 teqms WhatsApp Image 2024-07-08 at 08.06.55 (1).jpeg
Photo with Hamza team and Mass Market team 

And are discussing the next “big sprint” for the rest of this year.

Once this week is wrapped up, we will have major strategy discussions and decide the next big moves for the rest of 2024.

Setting dates for going live (many at EthCC want to buy on Hamza, in production, already) as well as what parts of the marketplace and infrastructure to build next.

We have a big Decom Dinner that is very oversubscribed, and will use that as a springboard.

Sending all the best to the amazing development team to get this demo ready, as well as inspiration and energy.

The 3 in Brussels, let’s push this ahead and represent our amazing team and the future of decentralized ecommerce!