Opening Testnet, and Introducing the Road Map

We are excited to open up and engage with the community at large.

Starting Point: Project Raft

We are here in our Roadmap:


  • Monday, January 29, 2024, we are opening up “Project Raft” on the Hamza decentralized ecommerce marketplace, you can read about it here on the Hamza blog and we hope you engage with the test net and join the community.
  • Wednesday, March 13, 2024, where we plan to bring you a more custom, native crypto and ecommerce marketplace experience on Hamza (Project TeamBoat).

The Back Story – Why Is Lazarus So Upset at the Current Regime?

For those interested in the numbers and the facts, let us share why our story character “Lazarus” is so distraught.

The Struggle for Profitability: As the year 2024 dawned, the arena buzzed with a mix of apprehension and determination. Despite the harsh winds of inflation and rising costs, akin to the scorching sun beating down on the gladiators, a striking 89% of these warriors remained profitable. This was no minor feat, akin to surviving a grueling battle against formidable foes. However, the spoils of war were not evenly distributed; while some reveled in increased profits, others felt the tightening grip of the emperor’s demands.

The Emperor’s Edicts – Rising Fees: With a wave of his hand, the emperor decreed new terms. The average outbound fees, like the cost of entry into the arena, increased by $0.22. The removal and disposal fees, reminiscent of the cost for a defeated gladiator’s removal from the sand, soared by an average of 92%. For instance, removing a standard-sized package, as light as a gladiator’s helmet, saw a fee increase from $0.75 to $1.46 – a staggering 94.67% hike. These edicts weighed heavily on the gladiators, each penny akin to an extra pound on their already burdened shoulders.

The Quest for New Arenas: In response to these mounting pressures, many gladiators began seeking new arenas. About 61% had already ventured into other marketplaces, like eBay, Shopify, and Walmart – realms distinct yet similar to the empire of Amazon. This diversification was akin to gladiators finding new lands to conquer, new crowds to appease.

The Rise of Social Media Gladiators: In an ingenious move, some gladiators turned to the bustling forums of social media, using platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube to showcase their prowess. These digital colosseums offered a new kind of battle, one fought with captivating videos and engaging content, far from the traditional battlegrounds of the Amazon arena.

The Emperor’s Countermove – Fee Adjustments: Sensing the unrest and the shift in tactics, the emperor too adapted. The adjustments to the seller fees and FBA services were proclaimed, a move to ease the burden on some gladiators while ensuring the continued prosperity of the empire. These changes were like a new set of rules in the arena, altering the way battles were fought and victories were claimed.

Join Us On Our First Campaign – RAFT (Testnet)

So we would love to see you take part on this journey of the Loadpipe Roadmap this year. With our first campaign – escaping from underneath the Colosseum Read the full details of Hamza’s river raft here: