The Second Part of the Road Map: The Quest to Correct Miscategorized Products

The Next Chapter: Raft arrives at OG Village

Excitement is brewing in our community as the second part of the map is revealed and the raft finally arrives at the OG Village, marking the next chapter of the road map (Read the story here). But amidst the thrill of discovery, we find ourselves faced with a challenge – we’ve recently discovered a number of products that have been incorrectly categorized, some misplaced innocently, others planted by foes.

The Hidden Challenge: A Call to Unity

In a bid to streamline this process, we’re reaching out to you, our valued community members, for assistance. This is where your keen eye and knowledge come into play.

We’re asking for your help in identifying any lost or miscategorized products you encounter during your exploration of Hamza. Whether it’s a rare relic tucked away in the wrong corner or a potion mistakenly labeled as something else, your contributions can make a significant difference in ensuring that inventory remains accurate and accessible to all.

To participate, simply submit any miscategorized products you come across using the form provided below. Your input will not only aid in the organization of the Hamza Ecommerce Marketplace, but also contribute to the overall experience for future visitors. Here’s a guide on how to sign up, how to become a vendor, and how to add a product.



Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and community collaboration.