Loadpipe Community Town Hall 4: State of The Loadpipe Blockchain

In the late-February LoadPipe Townhall, updates and deadlines for the project were discussed. James joined to focus on tokenomics, emphasizing the need for individual goal deadlines by mid-March. Efforts to build the community and address concerns of non-crypto-native merchants were highlighted. Technical advancements, including payment systems and potential integration with Bitcoin lightning payments, were also covered, demonstrating the team’s commitment to innovation.


(00:02) so this is the very end of February 2024 and from my side on the updates I’ve been very busy talking to many of you also to external Partners we have a a deadline we’re putting for the middle of March a lot on the product side but also on the marketing side I think James has just joined on to help with tokenomics he’s he and I had a call I’ll let him give some updates but I think all of us should put some Deb lines for like a twoe Sprint we have until the middle of middle of March for a twoe (00:35) Sprint so I think any Department you’re in now maybe you should think of some kind of nice deadline you’d like to set for your own goals for the project that you could deliver you can speak to me about it but we are also working hard on building the community building the testing engaging people listening to people I spoke to another seller about load pipe one onone today for about an hour it’s very it’s very blue ocean they’re they most am traditional e-commerce Merchants are not crypto (01:06) native they’ve had bad experiences with crypto but we we are going to prove them wrong that there is utility in the in in crypto and in blockchain and there’s value in in this ecosystem more than just pump and dump scams and day trading so we are really excited about what we’re building but I I would love to start to pass the floor I think James just joined maybe the new people that haven’t introduced themselves the ones I would say are James and goo sure yeah James you want to start yeah I can I just got home so (01:38) forgive me yeah my name is James cack I’ve known Bo the CTO on the project for quite some time about a year I had the Good Fortune of running into Mike a few months back maybe like two months ago at this point we got talking and brainstorming and I I thought their project was very cool I expressed my interest in contributing in some way and so yeah I’ve been on board for tokenomics as well as some other things I’ll be writing some of the documentation including a light light paper and a white paper as well as doing (02:08) some like more bureaucratic PD stuff like Grant application process just going through the rungs and so I do have a lot on my plate as far as the twoe deadline goal goes Mike and I did have a conversation recently I think beyond what I’m immediately working on my focus will be getting a light paper out the door which is just a sort of abbreviated more marketing piece white paper for the Casual audience very digestible and then using that for the eventual white paper that we’ll be making briefly as well and (02:42) I can share my screen I’m working on some M science let me yeah greens yeah Green Oh I was watching Lord of the rigs nice yeah so I’m I’m doing some predictive modeling just kind of seeing how our tokenomics can work together this is all pretty arcane but after I go through this and fact check everything I’m going to be dropping this in some of our public channels so people can sort of play with things some of these variables for the tokenomics so yeah crunching numbers and trying to to design something that the economics like (03:19) encourage good Marketplace Behavior across the board so awesome yeah that’s me and a nutshell thanks thanks James yeah I’m really excited for your I think Bo and I both had a chance to kind of look into it and we we’re impressed with that with this up this report and I look forward to playing with it more as well is this a Coptic core part of of our project so thank you for that Caro do you want sorry Mike CU see again and and happy to have you on the team also just just to blend the borders here why why (03:54) why did you want to join L pip what get you excited about the project well first it was the people I like both and I took a like in a mic and anything that they’re working on together I’m like oh that’s going to be successful that’d be cool and then also I think it’s like a good learning experience for me I’m not too familiar with e-commerce like I know tokenomics and especially in like the game five field and so like I wanted something different and so I I I just thought it was really interesting I (04:22) think there’s like a huge opportunity for disrupting something that was maybe dystopian in some regards and I VI with that so awesome great anybody want to also give a question to James okay well thank you for that James you can keep it on if you like no I’m gonna join the anonymity crowd here yeah it is a little more comfortable okay yeah g actually you two actually G we met from James so G do you want to introduce yourself hi my name is Scot I join I joined Lo pipe I think it’s been six weeks now yeah so I’m working on the front end of (05:10) the e-commerce website a lot of my time has been spent into learning how the Medusa framework Works creating a custom version of the website with we lost yeah I hear I also stopped to hear hello now I hear you can you hear me yeah sorry so a lot of the time I’ve been spending has been figuring out what framework we’re going to use and then we decided to go with Medusa so I’ve been just diving into that framework and overriding some features so that it works well with our requirements great yeah great I mean we’re super (05:52) excited see that oh keep going sure yeah so currently a lot of the work has been actually the back end of so not really the UI and so I guess the twoe goal well in the twoe goal it would be to get the front end to look great yeah uh that’s great I think you guys should get to know Luciano a bit more I just had a great call with him and I know Jose’s curious to see the screens or see see it even I haven’t seen so much but I whenever you’re ready to get some feedback I think we’re more than happy happy to give (06:33) it yep so you mean I for me to have a feedback about the screens right I’m just kind of trying to integrate I don’t think you or G have connected so so yeah cool that’ be great we can make a oneone that is available for that I’m okay sure yes luan’s are on our team and core team as The Branding and ux he’s artist too he’s very talented helps a lot of our a lot of our branding and design that you’ll see and he’s been interested to talk to you about the screens and The Branding yeah that would be great yeah (07:10) my experience is mostly focused on uiux and design and brand strategy so I I and of course I’ve been involved in the e-commerce industry very deeply in the last seven years and I work for a bunch of like companies that work inside Amazon for a lot of time they do a lot of Brands I I work for several startups s products so I think have like a wide experience to add value on on the project that is like that business Luciano are you still in bangok I’m in shinen oh okay all right never mind I was going to say I’ll be in Bangkok (08:06) this weekend so we could have like a a design session but we should absolutely set one up within the next like week yeah that would be great I’m I know I’m always online just Tex me and night we can set up a online it’s fine I’ll be in bu again next month so if anyone is there we can meet as well great great maybe we move to theart those those are the the two new people I hope I’m not missing anyone I guess lucana kind of did a little intro but he’s been with us since the I mean is is David (08:48) proberly introduced oh Excuse me yes he’s new too yeah I I’ve been talking to so much David i’ feel like you’ve been here forever but David or Davi do you want to introduce yourself yeah sure my name is David I in Andora in Europe and I’m in charge of the finance department let’s say okay so our relationship might not be theate all the time just bothering you for invoices and that everything is compliant but there is a background work aside that that reflects the financial impact of all of our actions right and I (09:32) will be helping also Mike to figure out uh the finance situation of the company for the next months right and see and see what we need to do in order to keep the company alive from a finance perspective yep it’s very important role and very well very much appreciate all right yeah Andora so we actually have a lot quite a few Spanish speaking people here I feel right and all from the world it’s been Andre is I feel we have a representation of almost all cont yeah actually the whole world actually yeah (10:07) it’s it’s really great so I think we should change the official language of this to to Spanish we just all start sing Spanish oh yeah I’m get the time zone has got to be an issue all right well let’s move to the department updates so we’re going to just try to go through the major departments maybe of course at least some top m is B with the the product and of course John and the product side first and then we’ll move to Alex how do we choose the order but I feel like product would be a great one (10:44) to open with with B yeah I think that would be helpful I think everybody’s really excited about product okay maybe B then John also has some points on his side in the product side too right yeah so there’s ‘s been a lot of developments and a lot of movements since the last time that we met in terms of yeah so last time we met we I believe were it was before we had launched the WordPress site and so WordPress site is up people have engaged with it that took obviously a little bit of time and now we’ve started working on (11:18) building out the react site as garl sort of alluded to we’re using a framework called Medusa which is neither built for multivendor support or crypto support so a lot of the work that we’ve done up to this point has been just extending the functionality of an already sort of like really interwoven interconnected system to support multiple vendors signing up to support them uploading their own products and then also to just support things like logging in with their web3 wallet instead of using username and (11:47) password and so a lot of that configuration it it flows out into a lot of different places because there’s a lot of different services that are defined throughout the entirety of the system and once we get these like s ort of core backend pieces flowing once we build out like some some necessary API routes get the services working then we can start building the front end with quite a bit of ease because the the the components will already be there and it’s just a matter of like putting things where they where they belong and (12:16) so we do need to start a conversation with Luciano and building out some figma models so that we can start sketching out what that would look like in react and CSS yeah that would be fine yeah so I I mean I’m think like early next week would probably be the ideal time Monday Tuesday um because like that’s I I think that’s just the first time that I have any availability from here until then because if you guys don’t know I’m I’m going to Bangkok on Friday and flying to Copenhagen on Monday so the other thing that so (12:52) there’s a couple other things that we’ve been working on and I I know John was going to talk about this a little bit but I’ll I’ll go ahead and and and everybody here should already sort of know but if you don’t we’ve started talking to a very core ethereum developer like original core ethereum developer who is developing an e-commerce protocol in in parallel and what’s nice about that like I think when when all of us first heard that we were all like a little bit scared like oh someone’s going to beat us to the (13:23) punch but what was really nice about it is he’s building a very limited like primitive protocol which looks a lot more like tcpip which is a way for storing specifically product and vendor data and we can sort of exist on top of that layer which is why it’s nice that we ended up building from the directions that we built from he built from the very Pro this the sort of like nitty-gritty technical protocol layer and we built from this like front-end social layer right so a lot of what we’ve been doing has been (13:56) theorizing about token distributions and toomics as well as like Dow functionality and dispute resolution because those are the things that we really need to be able to to know in order to be able to guide their work in building their protocol system so so if you look at the figma I mean I know a lot of you already have but if you look at the like toonomic design figma you see that it’s built out with a a lot of different models architectural designs both in terms of like Dow summoning like just the logic of Dow summoning defining (14:27) some of the smart contracts that we’re going to need for tokenomics defining a system architecture and our like sort of V1 and V that like what does our system look like in March and what does our system look like in May and then what does our system look like when we start integrating with a a more primitive protocol so that’s a lot of the work that’s been been done there that partnership has led us to doing a lot of work on these sort of more architectural long-term architectural questions to do (14:57) with the way the Dow and the token will be structured looking forward we are I would say a little bit behind schedule when it comes to the March deadline in terms of yeah what will we have done in two weeks or what do we hope to have done in two weeks I think that we’ll have all of the necessary like Plumbing done and we should have some very simple screens right so we should be able to someone should be able to log in they should be able to ask via vendor we should be able to upgrade them to a vendor we should be (15:25) able to add a product and then a customer should be able to come in and just search for products add them to their cart and and we should be able to create an order from that while paying in crypto ideally that that bleeds a little bit into the work that John has been doing so I won’t I’ll let let him sort of fill you in on on what’s been going on with the switch but that’s sort of like the way that we’re handling payments and then yeah I think that we we have a hackathon coming up from the (15:50) 14th to the 17th which is why we sort of set this artificial crazy March deadline and so we should have enough to build there something which we might be able to win hackathon prizes with build some Partnerships and and build up something interesting as well as meet in person with the team that’s working on the that protocol but other than that I mean that’s that’s the the product development update I think I covered everything that we’ve been working on awesome great there’s a question go ahead J thank you Alex yeah (16:24) I was just asking I hadn’t heard about the hackathon maybe just Discord disconnect but is that here in changai is that in Bangkok is that no it’s in London oh so I’m yeah so I’m going to Copenhagen and then I’m going to pragma eth pragma on the 13th and then eth London is a hackathon from the 13th to the 17 and so I’ll be there in London and okay that that makes sense I I thought there was just a London trip okay thank you I think I have to go I mean I I was I was going to look at my (16:56) schedule but I think I Martin was I think I had would be great to I think I have to go now somehow even if I just tailgate like I said but uh I think I have to go what will you guys enter for the hackathon B’s already all set he’s signed up and confirm but I’m I’m I’m not but I think even if I’m hanging out outside I should go but I anyway we’ll talk about that will be entered for the hackathon though like what software well yeah I mean we don’t know yet I mean it’ll probably be (17:29) something that I mean it’ll be something youi and Garo build on top of the Hamza site some functionality I’m I’m trying to like it’s going to be kind of against the rules to enter whatever it is that we’re working on but my philosophy on it is like okay well we’ll have this kind of like Zeppelin right we had been working on it or at least thinking about it for like some time you had some smart contract wrot written but then like as soon as the hackathon started we looked at like where what the bounties were and (17:55) what technologies made sense to integrate with and so I think we just like approach it with the same philosophy like we look at what the bounties are we look at like what technologies are possible to integrate with what things make sense for us and then we just try and build a feature in a weekend on top of Hamza so is that clear James we have another question oh sure yeah sorry no please go ahead question R say can you expand on what the switch is I think that goes into I will yeah pass that to John right that’s a good segue yeah that was (18:29) perfect so yeah there’s been a lot of it’s been a long time since we’ve had a town hall I feel like I don’t even remember where we were it might have been end of December I think it’s been maybe December if I recall yeah so the thing I’ve been working on most most immediately is the the switch the payment switch we call it it’s a it does the job of all right so the next iteration of Hamza which will be a react app which Bo and G are working on payments will flow into a smart contract (19:01) that will act as kind of a switching Hub basically it’ll act as both an escrow and kind of like a way of paying everyone out and taking a cut for Hamza and interacting with a a dow contract a molok dow and so it will have the basically these jobs it’ll be kind of like the payment the main money pipeline from from the next iteration of Hamsa so even though it might not survive that iteration as we integrate with Martin’s protocol the OG ethereum guy his protocol which we’re all really excited (19:40) about Hamza oh sorry the the switch may change it may just go away entirely but for this iteration it’s really important so I’ve been spending a lot of time well now it’s feature complete I’ve been spending a lot of time testing it and there’s still a lot to do on that does that does that kind of explain what it was was that I mean does that answer your question about what it does oh is is it in type or are you typing yes yes it does John I I was trying to type but I I prefer to speak my second question related to that would (20:14) be is is there anything in the works for supporting Bitcoin lightning payments and is working with the ERC token like load pipe a hindrance towards that goal within the framework of the switch that you speak of we have not plan that in to to this iteration I think that’s not in the question for this iteration but it’s not completely out of the question it’s a little bit difficult but it’s something that I know you’ve mentioned before and I’ve said that I would give it some thought and we can all discuss (20:45) it and it would definitely be great a great thing to support Bitcoin we need to think about how we would integrate that just just to be in the immediate future probably not but in the future it’s definitely a good thing to be considered just just to be clear for Jose and everyone the load token is not involved on the buy side of the transaction we’re not going to try to force people to buy and use the load token to buy on any Marketplace it’s it’s more of a behind the scenes in the go in the governance and in the judges (21:19) it’s not going to be required for buying something on the marketplace so definely yeah goad no that’s that’s it definitely Bitcoin payments can be included in the system but we need to think about how to engineer that I think right now we have enough on our plate as far as like thinking how to engineer things that we don’t really have bandwidth to think about that for right now but I think that it’s something we’ll come back to for sure definitely something we’ll come back to like I know (21:53) we want to support Bitcoin as much as possible but to I think that second part of your question of does the the like Dow and token Ender the the integration with Bitcoin I I mean like we can use a wrapped version of Bitcoin but all of these systems are going to be built in evm compatible ways and deployed to specific chains in in the ethereum ecosystem at least at the at the beginning and I don’t know of a pro like of a system or a product that does like complex logic in a Bitcoin ecosystem I I mean like unless unless we’re talking (22:33) about Stacks right and stacks is not like an evm compatible or equivalent Network and so like yeah that I mean in terms of like would we like to do Bitcoin yeah if it all possible yeah and building doesn’t doesn’t actively exclude the possibility of somehow connecting to bitcoin but what form that will take will will definitely that will be a heavy lift as far as engineering so I think we’ll come back around to it there’s there’s a lot a very lot much to it and I the short answer is the very core is (23:11) there’s no stable coin that I’m aware of in the Bitcoin Network and if you speak to any seller that I’ve been speaking to they’re not willing to receive Bitcoin natively to sell their Amazon Merchant product as much as they like Bitcoin they’re too scared it’s up 10% yesterday but what if it’s down 20% tomorrow they’re they they want Fiat or stable coin that I believe from the pures side was also a big request was stable coin which is not as far as I’m aware of supported in a Bitcoin (23:47) stack so stable coins were a very big request on Pur that was never fulfilled because it’s not possible users in general I think they they were very keen on bitcoin nevertheless and and I remember when we ended up supporting Bitcoin lightning networks that was a very welcome thing in the community so I I I don’t know if you ever checked out it’s a long one it’s an hour and a half video that Bo put in figma with about mool loow and and then there’s a lot to it but ethereum is more about governance and and I for (24:25) communications and I think the superior weird part of ethereum is this whole Dow that’s the core of of ethereum is Dows and governance and I think that’s the core of this ecosystem is Dow and governance and dispute resolution in a in a decentralized way but I think we’re getting too much into the weeds this is meant to be just a high level update but we all love Bitcoin we appreciate Bitcoin we are enjoying the benefits of the price appreciation and we’re trying our best to find a way to integrate (25:00) it well and I would I would just add on that to Mike’s Point like if you want to do permissionless payments yeah bitcoin’s great if you want to build a permissionless company Bitcoin can’t do that but but ethereum can and that’s what we’re building yes I understand all that about the governance and the necessity for a for a governance token and that’s that’s that’s not related to any payment system but have you guys considered the possibility of setting up a sort of a decentralized exchange like say from (25:32) Bitcoin lightning to a stable coin as something on the side of the hamsa Marketplace so that people with Bitcoin can exchange for usdt or any stable coin and make purchases with with hamsa that’s ex that exists that’s that’s shape shift shape shift and their metamask snap that they’ve recently develop and so yeah I mean that’s that’s but that system exists if people want to swap Bitcoin for stable coins and then interact with Hamza they can and they can do it in a profissional as decentralized way and so yeah I mean I I (26:06) in that sense yeah we could absolutely support Bitcoin payments but then we’re talking about yeah someone’s bridging into an evm environment and so is it really Bitcoin payments I would say no but they they they have to use a trustless bridge first so that’s possible but again then we’re not doing native Bitcoin transactions or or lightning transactions yeah think we should move on I I mean shap ship support Bitcoin lightning or is it just Bitcoin blockchain onchain transactions I think it’s native but (26:40) you’d have to look but yeah I mean I agree like if we want to dive more into this and we we probably can at another time but yeah I mean that’s that’s that’s I think that but yeah I I would say look into it I’m pretty sure it’s native Bitcoin though okay but no I know you know I know move on yeah I think we have to move on well I mean we all nobody here has anti Bitcoin I mean and I follow it closely i i as the technology is expanding on it and hopefully we can Bridge into it but we can’t wait for it (27:09) and we can’t we’re not going to be able to build what we can do with ethereum on there let’s take let’s take note of it because I think there’s a lot of these these sideways that becomes quite important when it comes to integrating the most Community I think even using Martin’s protocol is offchain thing and I think there might be ways to integrate more easily with that with that too but I think we leave it at this but we are keeping always keeping an eye out for for getcoin and we’re appreciative with (27:37) Bitcoin maybe we move to finance corporate we keep it in our minds as well oh what’s that you finished your part right we about let’s do 15 more minutes just to really keep it at the one hour but maybe David can give us some updates on finance I could kind of talk about some parts with legal from andrees David do you want to give us an update yes yes okay so lately we we have been working on setting things in place mainly that means the creation of the of an S so for payable invoices which are at the moment mainly your (28:16) invoices guys for your services we are trying to standardize that in order to result outs about how to issue the invoice and also to standardize and simplify work on the finance department side uh in the upcoming months uh we are willing to to to create new Sops for the processes we think need to be standardized at the moment will be more on the finance side maybe later if Bo and Mike wants we can extend that also to other departments if they have process that can be standardized and it is really important important to follow the rules of es in (28:59) order to have all the information for example that you never forget your wallet code in your invoice so the payment can be done with right wallet it’s also important that you issue your invoices on time so you get paid on time right because the payment part it’s a little bit time consuming right it needs the validation of three persons so it needs to be coordinated in order to be to be done smoothly all right on the other side we we are working in grading an Excel control sheet that we have for payments (29:40) I cannot show it to you because we are still discussing about confidentiality and what can be shown and what Cann be shown in terms of the finance right this is something that we need to discuss with the level of the company right and anything that can be disclosed will be disclose and What needs to remain confidential it will be for example uh my home address should remain always confidential right maybe the the service I provide the company should not be confidential right we need to discuss this in further detail next next steps (30:18) and more important which I mentioned before it’s forcasting the financial side of the company right in order to see what are the capital needs that we have how autonomous can we be and for how long right and that will also help us to define a price strategy in the future for the Serv if we want to charge any fee or or any kind or receive any kind of compensation for the services that the company provides to the sellers or even to the to the the customers if necessary get yeah Bitcoin just hit 60,000 during (31:02) this call actually it’s crazy I just checked so on the legal side Andre just can’t make it today so the foundation is taking much longer than it thought so I think some of about Hamza Labs limited that’s the operating entity in Panama that was set up first and we’re setting up a load pipe Foundation that is second but is actually going to be the Holdings again like David said I don’t I don’t think there’s meant to be Secrets but also I don’t know exactly what to share and how but the point is we’re doing (31:38) that for operating and holding separates I think some of you maybe understand that and also we are issuing a token James is working on light paper and tokenomics of course so we’re using that structure for that on the foundation side so hopefully this week or next week Carnival slowed it down in Panama and there was lots and lots of paperwork it’s very comp it’s very very complex as you can imagine but we want to have everything set up correctly for all the things we’re doing so that’s an update (32:09) on the legal on the marketing Community side Don’s not here we’re well we’re still confirming his latest proposal but he’s he’s working on the vendor side he’s decided he wants to focus on the vendor side this is a two-sided marketplace right there’s vendors and there’s buyers the vendors are more traditional at least our assumption is we’re still defining them is more traditional like Amazon or web2 Merchants so he’s working on a campaign called empower the seller you can look (32:44) it up on Empower toeller seller.com it’s just a quick Lander very basic right now but the point is he’s using humor and he wants to make rap videos that would make the Merchants resonate with the messaging of the hardships of selling on say Amazon or web 2 and how maybe what they might not realize the benefits of selling on web 3 would be these are some of the benefits in that kind of messaging and it’ll be over the next one to two months deliverable also tomorrow I don’t know I know Bo’s so busy but if you’re in Chang (33:20) M you want to hang out we’re doing an e-commerce meet up with Amazon Global selling 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. I’ll be hosting that and then we have a dinner with paneer and FedEx 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. here in changai it’s a bit awkward I’m friends with a lot of people at Amazon in Thailand always open to anybody’s suggestions on how to manage that but I always say if they confront me about it they could they could they could join the protocol and list the marketplace on on low pipe we welcome them it is (33:49) permissionless as well so also as as Bo said there’s eth London where he will will be and I I feel like I should be but at the same time there’s handy con ands here the handshake Community has had we’re also very instrumental in organizing this it’ll be the fourth annual online conference for handshake which is a decentralized domain Solution on proof of work that’ll be also March 13th to the 15th online and happening it’s about the same time as eth London but we’ll also have sessions and (34:25) promotions for load pipe there and of course people in decentralized domains and web would also be interested in decentralized e-commerce but just the theme I’ve been talking a lot of sellers we we sell on Amazon one of our companies and it’s not as profitable as it used to be I just think our case of the emperor they’re just squeezing everybody for money I talked to a 3pl company we used this morning and he’s saying that they’re really squeezing everybody a lot of his clients are just getting squeezed Amazon just keeps (34:59) increasing the fees or adding new fees or changing the fee structure nobody really knows and they keep just seem to take more and more of the money so it’s becom more of a problem so I guess that’s making our solution even more attractive and those are some of my quicker updates again we’re also a question like oh sure just my last point is I’m also talking a lot of you about proposals and and working we are being pretty conservative I know a lot of us have adjusted our rates and our our ways we (35:31) work with us we’re just trying to be conservative we don’t want to burn burn our money too quickly so I just want to say that to everybody and so appreciate everybody’s flexibility on that but yeah I a question sure what’s the Amazon fee rate at this point well they never give you a flat rate maybe David knows it better than I do in the finance but we there’s just they keep adding all making new kinds of fees about storage fees and under underst storage and over storage and returns and they increase the rates on (36:01) this and that David do you have a better deal would back in hand about how much Amazon’s taking now it depends on the as you are mentioning it depends on your situation regarding your stock for if you are overstocked if you stock having sitting for more than one year you have the inbounds fees you have the dist well anything that can be done with inventory has a a specific fee that will depend on your activity right and then they take a percentage of of your fees right now which I don’t Rec call the exact I mean (36:38) I I I generally say back hands it’s about half right I mean generally it’s about half yeah at the end at the end of the day they get like 50 55% of your Revenue in fees if you do FBA if you do FBA so David something I think you and I should do is because you’re working on the finance side for the organization I think both load pipe and Hamza and we should have some sort of ballpark figure for like what our operational costs are and then we should use that as a sort of Baseline for whatever transaction fee we (37:21) charge on the toonomic level the protocol level for load pipe definitely want to talk you about that so we can be well informed otherwise we’re just picking numbers out of a hat we should be able to justify it in some way based up operations so yeah yeah that would be great okay yes we’re almost at the hour mark I mean 5 minutes if there’s some I know not everybody shared today if that’s not intentional we’re just trying to kind of pick major departments but if those that didn’t share want to share or if there’s (37:55) questions yeah perhaps we can open the I’d be curious to ask if anyone would like to ask for anything in the from the company are we looking for people people like references to a new developer are we looking for sparing on specific things this really an Open Table discussion right but what are people all people like to ask for in the interim between now and the next town hall just I did we are on the lookout for new developers by the way uh like there’s a pretty obviously a pretty huge Dev lift that’s going to have to go into (38:27) a lot of the different components and I’ve been in contact with a couple of different developers setting up some like introductory meetings in the near future which all then obviously like we’ll have more panel interviews at that point but yeah we we we definitely need more help great awesome I’d love to plant a seed as well and I think I’ll plant the seed partially in in David as you go about company expenses but also James as you to do the Tok economics we need to find dogtails into fundraising because I (39:01) think we we have to be openminded that this should happen on us at least a six Monon schedule now just given the estimated burn rate and and touching grass here but but there’s never enough money in these things right we we we have to find Outside Capital yeah absolutely I’m not the guy for the the total fundraising lead I think that’s like a a job for the the CEO in that regard and I think that’s going to happen naturally that’s said my second priority after the light paper is specifically the grants application (39:32) process I think that makes the most sense that’s the email I sent you today Mike about the contract it’s essentially free money and that that one Grant can be enough for like an extra developer like that’s the immediate need or it could be for marketing or something else so right up there yeah also we for for for the financial needs of the company we need to decide well we need to to to build a f a framework a frame time right in order to know when is the company starting to get income from the marketplace if that will be in two years (40:15) uh the money will not be enough right if if the company will start making money through fees in 3 months then we the calculations can be done differently right so the decision on the operation levels will affect also the needs of the company in regards of funds and maybe also for for for the runs of investors if we want to do it and I’m not I’m not the best person to say but you I know there’s load pipe Hamza is so confusing but technically I think we’re working for Hamza as a operating company as a (40:49) Marketplace as our team the foundation is more the token and it’s more like a nonprofit nonoperating entity and maybe I open your feedback but I think that’s how we’re structuring it so the as far as I understood the money will flow from the foundation to Hamza right in order to make development and all the stuff right so we need to figure out how H will operate in order to require the funds from the foundation thank you that’s super good we are 20 seconds away great well I hope any final words Michael Mike yeah I (41:40) mean it’s superx like I said I think I’m more I think most of us at least I hope so I’m more excited than than before like we had a talk with Martin yesterday again I know a lot of you maybe don’t know who this person is and we’ve referenced his name a few times but but he’s excited as us I mean there’s so much to build there’s we basically got to rebuild e-commerce on the blockchain all these products at Amazon unless Jeff bezo said on Lex fredman they created a lot of fundamental infrastructure for (42:09) e-commerce when they made Amazon and I think the same has to happen here but the core difference is it’s in an open environment not a closed environment in web 3 we can’t stop someone else from building an like a zeppelin or an affiliate platform on top of what we’re building we can’t stop something from building a Bitcoin payment solution for Jose on top of Hamza right we don’t have to be the ones to build that in our internal team so this is the difference of core difference and what I like about (42:37) it is called permissionless and and and open people can build on this protocol as they see and that’s so exciting there’s going to be so much that needs to be built it’s more than we can do as a core team so we should just keep that in mind and and I’m excited awesome all right thank you everybody and we’ll see you in Discord and around great thanks everybody thanks everyone thank you guys thank you [Music] everyone