Loadpipe Community Town Hall 10: State of Loadpipe Blockchain


Recruiting new team members, social media marketers….


Getting comfortable with Medussa Live site should be ready by next town hall (6 weeks) Alex says product development is on schedule, really good news, and that’s unusual in tech projects.

“Devs guys – is there a possibility of sharing some screenshots of the new site in various functionalities for the users? Sign in/ sign up, shopping, making payments, etc” At this point the devs have been working on the back end, the test site was just for the hackathon (wasn’t mobile friendly)


Empower the seller has been a campaign for educating vendors on the importance of owning their data…
Mentioned various upcoming events/conferences
Alex emphasized the need to educate users and meet their needs for information in this ground-breaking space.
Michael mentioned an introductory course for on-boarding vendors

To educate new users, we should start from things they can relate to from their own experience. The problems with Amazon blacklisting, high fees, etc. From there explain how web3 and descentralization solves their problems and then dive into how to user/navigate in web3: how to on-ramp, off ramp from crypto, setting up your self custody wallet, transacting between wallets, using exchanges, etc. Also cover certain aspects on how to BE a good vendor (or a good shopper)

James posted:

Thoughts for the team?

“Loadpipe is middle layer solution for Web3 marketplaces, offering out-of-the-box payment resolution, justice, and governance. It serves as an on-chain protocol facilitating transparent crypto transactions, dispute resolution, and reputation management. Through tokenomic incentives, it helps marketplaces self-regulate, encourages good behavior, and fills gaps left by traditional ecommerce platforms like Amazon.”

To my question: “what is a middle layer solution for Web3 marketplaces? What is web3, even? Those are the questions we must confront when onboarding users”, James answered: “I’m currently writing documentation assuming people are up to speed for web 3 and e-commerce in general. The eventual whitepaper will be much more normalized (for wider audiences)”

Michael mentioned that June is when we will start working on fund raising, by then we whould have the tools to do it.


Beau talked about coordinape (first round). Early next week (15th) we need to set up a meeting and set up some documentation on how to vote, user coordinape, etc. and do so on Notion. Next Monday we intend to set up two concurrent rounds on coordinape: the retroactive round and the present epoch.

Chat notes from discord

jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:09 PM
Devs guys – is there a possibility of sharing some screenshots of the new site in various functionalities for the users? Sign in/ sign up, shopping, making payments, etc
Yeah, I saw it
Didnt render well on my mobile though.
jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:16 PM
Anyways, the reason why I ask this is to begin making the support docs and the SOP’s for users
Exactly, Alex. We have been discussing tokenomics but for me at least it remains to be seen how that translates into the actual user experience
Re Audience: vendors can also be actors that for various reasons could not become Amazon sellers (people from non-US banked countries for example…)
jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:25 PM
Yes, we need to design an introductory course
jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:34 PM
To educate new users, we should start from things they can relate to from their own experience. The problems with Amazon blacklisting, high fees, etc. From there explain how web3 and descentralization solves their problems and then dive into how to user/navigate in web3: how to on-ramp, off ramp from crypto, setting up your self custody wallet, transacting between wallets, using exchanges, etc. Also cover certain aspects on how to BE a good vendor (or a good shopper)
Jetsetter Jim — Yesterday at 8:34 PM
Thoughts for the team?

“Loadpipe is middle layer solution for Web3 marketplaces, offering out-of-the-box payment resolution, justice, and governance. It serves as an on-chain protocol facilitating transparent crypto transactions, dispute resolution, and reputation management. Through tokenomic incentives, it helps marketplaces self-regulate, encourages good behavior, and fills gaps left by traditional ecommerce platforms like Amazon.”
jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:36 PM
asking as an ignorant one, James: what is a middle layer solution for Web3 marketplaces? What is web3, even? Those are the questions we must confront when onboarding users
Sorry James, I can’t hear very well but if I understood you correctly, in this case it is not necessary to explain those things on what you posted because that is for the whitepaper?
Jetsetter Jim — Yesterday at 8:41 PM
Yeah, sorry about my volume – I’m currently writing documentation assuming people are up to speed for web 3 and e-commerce in general. The eventual whitepaper will be much more normalized
jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:41 PM
by normalized, you mean for a wider audience?
Jetsetter Jim — Yesterday at 8:41 PM
jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:41 PM
Jetsetter Jim — Yesterday at 8:41 PM
The current doc is just for us or people who understand both spaces
jlaurentum — Yesterday at 8:56 PM
I’m taking some notes on this meeting. Probably very incomplete and crappy… Where do you guys think would be more convenient to post these notes, and those of other team members?
In a crazy world, only the crazy people get it right, Alex


(00:03) we can get started this is I I don’t know what number maybe fourth or fifth Town Hall stated a load pipe blockchain call and we’re trying to do this every 6 weeks and I think Alex is here the co-host with me how you doing Alex I’m good I’m good how are you all doing this evening I was about to say only evening in Thailand it’s midafternoon for B and Jose I don’t know actually what it is for you I think it’s mo
(00:36) rning 9:00 a.m. for Jose right am I right yes it is 9:00 a.m. in the morning yeah so so hopefully this time works for everybody please give us feedback if it if it doesn’t and so the way we do these is we just want everybody to get an update this is going to be recorded too we just go through some of the updates of various Departments of of what we’re building here and share some progress since the last last call so the the team has been growing as always we’re we’re actually recruiting now we’re interviewing some new developers we’re interviewing some
(01:12) social media marketing people we’re always looking for good talent people in e-commerce or web 3 or or product development so we definitely entertain if applications people are interested to join us David were you last time introducing yourself or is this the first time for you to be on these I think you you were introduced last time right David our CFO yes yes yes I introduced myself last time okay so I think Don has been formerly on the team to help with a campaign that power a seller I don’t see him on
(01:47) today’s session and James I think he’ll be coming in 10 minutes he might have already been confirmed last time but he’s working on the tokenomics and also some of the bis Dev for the crypto side so those are some of our newer team members but of course we are in Final Round interviews some developers to join and we are starting to just do a couple calls with social media marketers as of this week so that’s some updates on the H HR or new team members do we go to product development B and and and John do you want to give
(02:25) us some updates on the product the last six weeks and maybe what to expect the next six weeks sure yeah so yeah yeah I mean I don’t know do you want to go John or should I we’ve been basking yeah you guys are doing great yeah you’re doing great because we’ll probably hit some sticking points at sometime so maybe we should not play up like the Basking and the glory so hard yeah it’s hard to pass up so yeah I I do yeah it’s just that like the last couple of weeks have felt pretty good on the development front I think
(03:00) maybe three weeks ago we were like not quite comfortable with Medusa or had not gotten like fully comfortable with Medusa yet but now I feel like yeah we’re we’re firing on all cylinders and moving forward we John and garl last week implemented crypto payment providers and this week we’re working on multivendor and you know yeah as John said you know we run into hiccup here and there but it does feel like we’re making pretty steady progress and yeah site is I think on like on track to to be ready for you know at
(03:38) least in some like MVP form by yeah the next call which should be you know in about six weeks should be done before that but like in six weeks we should have a site live at least in some form and yeah I mean you know there’s like a little bit more thought need to go into some of the elements you know our internal dispute resolution system and some fulfillment stuff Mike and I also talked about starting to do the vendor onboarding and what vendor onboarding looks like talking to a new partner who can help us a little bit with that and
(04:09) then yeah we’re in the middle of hiring a new developer at least taking a decision we have a couple of candidates who we think fill our immediate needs but we’re making some decisions about whether or not you know we need another full-time developer or whether or not they will come on in like a just you know Project based capacity but other than that yeah things looking good on the product side nothing nothing super new to report sort of in the same place we were last time which was preparing for you know an initial
(04:39) launch great I think just just like just to put a a few comments to that team listen it’s i’ I’ve been part of a few Tech Pro projects in my career and I hope everybody is aware of how positive it is that take products is actually on schedule so I think you know reflecting back on our meeting earlier this year in January what we did was we sat down at a cafe and we sketched up a timeline for how this product was going to develop and I think for for the performance of Bo John G it’s it’s it’s it’s really
(05:16) nice to hear these things guys so so I hope the the team here acknowledges that this is the fact the fact that there is actually not that many interesting aspects to report is really really good news because it means that things are going in the right direction so I just just wanted to highlight that that’s it’s it’s awesome guys great job it’s yeah thanks and and and I would like to to specifically shout out like one John like so in the initial stages of the project John was like limited in time
(05:46) because he was working on some other projects but but ever since like really diving into Medusa things have just gone you know insanely fast compared to the the speed that they were going and so one I think that that a lot of that comes down to John’s like Tech leadership and second is G has killed things recently and has become like a after not knowing anything about Medusa to begin with has really really come up to speed and become our like in-house Medusa expert and his pushing features and pushing you know GitHub
(06:20) commits like by the way if you guys want to look at the the GitHub you know that’s open source so anybody can go and look at it and see you know the frequency with which we’re merging PLL requests and making commits and everything like that and you’ll see G’s name in there quite a bit and so so yeah I I am personally like yeah very appreciative of the both of them I think they have both done an incredible job definitely yeah I’m hearing great things I mean it’s also I was joining some of the final round interviews and
(06:49) it’s just really like getting good flow with with the product team you guys are communicating well and planning well also I think the notion board I think both says you know I think that’s helped a lot I think we need to learn from that in the marketing department Alex and I are taking note and catching up but I think thanks it’s really been a pleasure to have you all part of our team so we’re very like Alex is very fortunate okay James says it’ll be a little bit late so I I’ll push his
(07:20) update till later marketing I put some outlines where we have quite a few different things happening more on the I kind of go through some of the event lineup events coming up so it’s Smoky season here in Chang ma as we mentioned before the call so there’s not as much networking and and social things in in the area but there will be some meetups at the end of the month of this month April 30th there’ll be e-commerce Meetup which will be well attended we’re sure also the end of this month in Bangkok there’s
(07:54) southeast Asia blockchain week April 22nd to 28th it will be heading down it’s not a far trip and there’s also a Meetup with the offchain ICP friends of ours they’re having a meetup on Tuesday April 23rd evening and we’ll be we’re still discussing details about you know it’s a little informa
(08:18) l 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. like social but we might have some some co-branding with with load pipe there and potentially like a 5 minute you know like talk but mostly a networking event but it’ll also be a good time to Network there and then from there we head to Hanoi Vietnam that weekend for a hackathon handshake is doing which of course some of this project was founded from Andrew Lee and others will be there and there’s actually some e-commerce startups that will be building and start pitching there so they’re already warming me out to talk to them and know
(08:51) that those local teams and hopefully there’s some synergies there Bitcoin Asia conference is in Hong Kong May 9th to the 11th speaking to bit main will be there there’ll be various friends from the Bitcoin community and stacks and ay labs and various people in Hong Kong it’s a very big Hub of web 3 so it’s going to be a lot of networking there and Bo is just chatting before the call the ECC tickets will probably be opening in like 3 or 4 hours from now I think we should we have to decide if we’re going to be going but we’re
(09:24) we’re very heavily leaning towards making The A Team trip there to kind of make that as one of our bigger Market and public debuts in July 8th to the 11th in Brussels Belgium also hopefully with a joint with a joint marketing campaign with a another blockchain project in the space that we can’t wait to cooperate with and empower the seller has been a campaign we’ve been started it’s like a music rap campaign to educate people about the the needs to be Community Driven you know owning your data owning your
(10:02) property as a web 3 versus web 2 Don’s heading that up and even later in the year I’m thinking already about crossb Summit which is in November for the sellers November 3r to the 5th and how to maximize that for for load pipe ecosystem and also Devcon I think many of you know is coming to Bangkok November 12th to the 15th so how can we how can we make the most of you know having all these people in Thailand during that time so that’s a lot of different stuff happening we’re also maybe Alex you want to share some of
(10:39) some of your your your your updates with the the road maps or plans sure and also just a quick comment I saw Jose has a question which I think relates to this as well Dev guys is there a possibility for sharing some screenshots of the new site and various functionalities for the user sign in sign up shopping marketing payments Etc I guess this a question to you Bo and you John I mean and it doesn’t so like a lot of what we’re doing is backend right now so like we could show you the returns from like API calls but that would be
(11:16) but like it doesn’t it hasn’t reflect like so we’re we’re still building out the infrastructure and it should be pretty quick from Once the like all the backend functionality is established to build out like I mean you know there’s going to be a lot that goes into like building up the admin pages and figuring out how it looks and worked but yeah no no I wouldn’t say there’s a visual we could do like visual update right now but like functionality it it looks a lot different I mean I actually do think
(11:47) well actually John yeah John actually had some screenshots of payment provider being like rpto so I mean yeah we I guess we could possibly I think you know there was that at least the homepage it looked pretty sexy Luciano gave and gar worked hard to implement that to the HTML CSS oh yeah I like that I was I yeah go ahead it’s not that we didn’t like remove it but that was like for the hackathon right and we’re completely restyling it oh really okay I mean it looked good as it was when I saw it but yeah I was say if if
(12:26) people haven’t seen it since like before the hackathon then yeah like visually it looks a lot different on the front end and so there so we could yeah we could provide those pictures I was I was like thinking since the hackathon because that was like a major visual update I don’t think Jose saw that I mean I could dig up the figma but I don’t think he saw that right I think we’ll put the demo site back up soon just for a little while just so people can see how it’s coming along and we get I I get some people
(12:58) interested to buy already know just us chatting some of my friends like I hope everybody understands what the product is I haven’t but you know just for anybody I might not be understanding what we’re building we’re building a crypto native multivendor Marketplace for people to buy and sell physical products with crypto currency and people are excited to to to to to participate and of course there’s a lot you can do with web the power of web 3 and the benefits of web 3 that people will be noticing once they are able to
(13:25) participate but yeah Jose I don’t think he saw that that those figmas or those J comments yes saw it didn’t render well on the mobile though okay so yeah that was true it wasn’t mobile friendly that is true it was not built for it was a hackathon so we they focused on desktop only they didn’t make it mobile friendly yeah we also need to get the uiux like we have to get the UI design for mobile to actually Implement that to from figma to mobile from so so Jose comments as well anyways the reason why I asked is to begin making
(14:04) the support docs for the SOP for the user you know it this is this is really good I can segue on this right because Mike as as you asked me the timeline for what we’ve been discussing is is a little different than than the product timeline right so I’d like to start just just to give you all an Insight with a with a quote I always come back to which is which is tell me tell me I forget show me I remember but involve me and I understand and when it comes to the levels of Education I think this last part the involvement part is really
(14:36) where where we need to strive one of my observations being you know I I you you guys know me I I I I go everywhere I’m very curious about how everybody sees this project but an observation that has has occurred to me is that people have different ways of seeing load pipe Hamer and and the problem we’re solving it’s like the you know the Five Blind Men and the Elephant right people people interpret their experience of what they’re working with differently and I think this is a great strength because
(15:07) it gives us a multiple different perspectives to how we solve and make this problem happen but when it comes to telling someone new about what we’re doing you know it it it depends on what kind of angle we take and stretching this out all the way to you know what the final product might look like what kind of people we need to involved in in the earlier use of product design features that all become next steps for for for marketing purposes for fundraising purposes for Sops etc etc one of the things that me
(15:38) and Mike has been talking a lot about is setting up a Learning and Development Track by Learning and Development we mean making sure that everything we understand about what we’re building is is actually is one truth right is is collectively put into either a document or sop that’s really up for us to decide but but getting to the point of where we can start communicating this in bite-size features to the audience that we are still trying to discover and and the last thing I’d like to say about this is that the a audience we are still
(16:11) trying to discover is not just Amazon sellers right it’s not just Amazon sellers who are experiencing issues with Amazon right it’s it’s also the the broad scope buyer segment that is is spread across the world Mike had a conversation earlier today about what where was this gentleman from portug Portugal yeah yeah so so so you know he wants to buy from Portugal but that’s a completely different problem statement right we we don’t just sell someone to Portugal we need to ensure that there’s
(16:43) actually the ability for us to deliver right then there comes the logistics question there’s so many Loose Ends which is all great right because these all% opportunities that we can communicate to an community and so the the starting process here now that that we’re looking at is how can we best understand what we’re doing and then how can we best involve our community into co-creating this with us and and one of the ideas I think which I think M you can talk a little bit more about is is Mike a few months back made what was
(17:16) called the blimp method which was a is basically a course that would educate individuals to conduct a specific kind of e-commerce by paying to learn I think this might be one of the first G ways that we can get people to adopt both Hamer and load pipe and this mindset is to pay to learn and then we take them under the wing I call these the hamsa cohorts these would basically be the indentification of ogs or very very early adopters and I would like to I would like to start this as we experience the marketplace being open
(17:50) Beta which would be somewhere in June or July Mike I don’t know if you want to put some more comments to that words to our thinking but but I thought that was pretty pretty smart yeah you know the one of the tricky Parts is this is a two-sided Marketplace there’s a chicken or the egg or cold star I think James will share later in a bit you know but we we do believe we have advantages on both sides but the vendor side especially I think needs this education and support we believe vendors or sellers on this might not be as web
(18:19) three Savvy and will need extra handholding and support so the idea is to make a yeah you know paid is one part of it but more about like OG or handholding or on VIP White Glove treatment where they can work in a cohort or a group so I don’t know if many people here know but one popular program for Amazon sellers was called The Amazing selling machine or ASM actually I don’t know if you know that Alex but the seller you introduced me to on Friday participated in cohort 3 of ASM you could ask him sometime and so
(18:55) it there’s these cohort-based programs that is very common and not just sellers but I think in in in in marketing or in business so we want to have like the first cohort class of this seller onboarding where they can join on a certain date start date we can we can have a campaign where maybe we use the Empower to seller as the channel as top of funnel and we say hey do you want to be the first OG seller on this platform apply now and you can get these benefit it’s almost like a course it is a course but
(19:31) you you know it’s like a long form sales page that lists we will work with you in a in a group we’ll make video training we will have Mastermind calls we will answer any questions we will etc etc and you’ll be one of the first sellers on this platform and that might be a better pitch than just telling them to sign up or apply or DIY they could probably still do a DIY we might not require them to take this course to become seller we we we would still discuss that but but we think this might be it seems Alex
(20:04) also feels the same and others we’ve spoken to to kind of do like a join our OG platform be the first cohort of this program and seller in this ecosystem and learn together and and grow your business together this a final comment to this and then I’m of course curious if anyone else has questions to our ideas is that it it’s also a great way for us to stress test the beta platform right because essentially we would also be telling people that they can be among the first but this is also a very primitive pitch right because what does
(20:41) that even mean right it probably means that many many of the features and functions needs to be handheld from end to end and it it’s going to also I I hope reveal to us that there might have been a lot of assumptions about how things work and how sellers think and what’s convenient and what’s not you know it’s it’s I used to work with a ux designer who says ux and UI is like a practical joke right if you need to explain it it’s not good enough and I think these factors will become very
(21:10) very clear to us once we start putting putting people through the process whatever that process might be right I mean we are really we we are really bridging ground breaking ground here in something that hasn’t been done before so that’s also why you know we we might we might see a few explosions before we go into into space right yeah exactly so it’s it does seem to make sense for us to do such a program and and we actually I I I think we should involve Jose more you know he’s asked I think Jose does have some
(21:44) valuable skills and insights and is very good at you know documentation I think we should maybe Alex involve Jose yeah I mean listen Mike let let me just open up the floor here i’ I’d like to if anyone has some comment to this because this is this is early sketching and I know that there’s many different perspectives as see Jose has made a few comments but Jose feel free to just jump in and share your thoughts you you can use audio as well you don’t have you can use set text yeah I’ve actually I’ve mentioned
(22:13) the need to implement an introductory course before y because you know users come that that happened in Pur users would just jump into the platform right away not know how to use it and that that led to a lot of trouble and think things that could be avoided if users know how the system works and they they know what is expected of them you know I think that a lot of you know things that that could lead to disputes in in purchases and stuff could be very much avoided if you do that so yes it is it is necessary to
(22:50) educate users on on the on the platform and especially more so because this this plat we’re breaking ground here this is this is something entirely new yep I guess the thought I’m having and I’m open to your feedback do we require new vendors to go through the program or do they could they do it themselves it’s just something I’m thinking about but same point incentiv we could incentivize them by I don’t know token air drops and something like that you know true becoming ambassadors and maybe
(23:25) onboarding other users but but yeah I mean it it it we could we could make an incentive for users to for vendors users in general to to take an introductory course you know yep Jim did you have a comment yeah I was just thinking of some of the conversations I had recently you know you mentioned the fact that we might see some explosions face and some of the recent conversations that we’ had are also about like this initial roll out strategy was like conceptualizing the differences Lo load by and hanza which I
(24:01) I think the team is more on page with and so you know when I was talking to Mike earlier it was you know perhaps naively on my part like what sort of region would we be targeting and what you know sort of specific product we’d be targeting but this could be you know kind of that like hanza is not going to just become HS overnight we we should hope not to have like instant user adoption both on the vender and fire side initially because we’re going to have a lot of questions answered that are I think ruthlessly
(24:38) that we didn’t even know that we needed to ask and so I I really like this idea of this early a doer sort of like founder vendor sort of Paradigm which we could reward with some sort of like Fen air drop so that we can actually iron up The Kinks from you know start to finish for this groundbreaking very very long solution that we’re providing both great yeah it’s exciting D I think of course people can give us feedback Al Alex or I but after the calls or passing but yeah this is seems like we’re just trying to
(25:17) think of the name of the program and and the positioning and of course the we got to make an outline of the structure and yeah and and also Mike also the curriculum right so so everybody here I mean David actually I want to speak to you as well because you probably one of the ones who came into this company with the least exposure to web 3 right and I mean I was I was talking with an investor the other day speaking to him about hamster and I mentioned like air drops and he was speaking to me oh yeah like in like in Gaza and and you know
(25:49) the the Gap we talking about Works Guys these people most people don’t even know the alphabet right so the semantics of this is is very very low level and we cannot skip those steps David do you want to say something actually I was speaking about similar something similar to this with both before the toomics last say and more than catching up with with the the the words let’s say with the with the with the meaning of of some of some words that we use in daily basis let’s say for me the most iCal part it’s
(26:30) understanding or agreeing let’s say with this decentralization right like who is responsible for what what we decide as a coure team let’s say what is in hands of people that holds the token etc etc etc right that’s that is what I am feeling as the most difficult part right to change my mind from more vertical let’s say entity to a completely FL plat one right so that that is what I I I feel it’s harder for me got it thanks yeah so so it’s a lot of things everybody here right it’s it also comes down to if if
(27:12) you have a good narrative if you have a good perspective to this I think now is the time that you do share but not right now but but definitely reach out to M me and share it right I’ll just say it Alex and I think some people know me but now I kind of just so what I usually do when I with blimp you especially the first program or first cohort you don’t really have of course you should have a basic curriculum but I I added and modified it based on the the students or whatever sell’s questions so I make more lessons
(27:46) by video as people are in the program asking and then I forgot that part would be needed or didn’t even think that would be needed and then you’re kind of adding lessons as you go so I I like to kind of keep the first programs a little bit flexible to say this is like you said this is a first one and we might modify the contents as we go based on the user feedback and then you’re kind of Dripping it out you don’t need to build a whole course at the beginning usually I would build it as we went so I would do the first week
(28:17) or the first module is usually called and there’s lessons in a module and then you would have people go through that and then you’re rather than doing the whole thing from the beginning because it’s overwhelming and it’s more fun for me too cuz I have a little bit more pressure to make it as people are participating so we can do it that way where we make the first module get people started and build it out as as in in live live that’s how I like to do it personally because it’s overwhelming to
(28:42) make it before you release I come back to a comment I can’t remember if it was John or Bo who told me but but there’s basically a way when comes to the technical aspect of building something new where where you have to kind of you have to graduate from the point of you you no longer need to actually expose people to the to the you know web 3 decentralization nftc air it doesn’t even become part of the conversation because the functionality and and the flow is so good right and obviously that’s that’s where you want to end up
(29:17) at that that’s that’s kind of the the trick right I I 110% agree like in some some of the documentation I’ve been doing for like white paper that with white papers like you know I feel like there’s a Superstition around blockchain or crypto like even just as words and so like we we could potentially use a word like decentralized but ultimately the mus should be indistinguishable maybe besides like a sort of woman if we have to you know from like a traditional we to experience it really should be the same agreed
(29:59) that’s a good point okay so actually David and James are speaking now but I don’t know who you go like first but you know maybe a quick update James on you know your your progress so far and you know I know we have your sess another session on Friday and we have one Monday about to economics but just a high level maybe update for the this kind of like six week check-in yeah so you know as some some of the you know because I’ve reached out to you guys individually or small groups is trying to get familiar with the
(30:30) project you know sort of tying back in with onboarding not just for veterans but also like internal team members you know really trying to understand what some of terms within the project meant understanding the differentiation between of which I’d love to actually post something in the chat right here and kind of see what you guys think based off of like one of the conversations that I had that said yeah I’m working on a light paper for load pipe I think shortly I might be working on a like paper for Hamza depending on
(31:01) like the needs for the project toomics this week I’ve sort of taken a a backseat on I think besides our previous meeting just because you know we we need that single source of Truth and I think at this point most of the team does understand and agree on you know what LO p mamza is that said you know I’m also putting together a list of some of the questions that come across in the these various conversations so that we can present them to you know sort of the consensus here and result so a very very good week for me
(31:40) ultimately like I’ve learned a lot and I think a lot of the team has to yeah it was a big week I mean it’s only Wednesday but yeah we had an intense Monday and yesterday and today we’ve been chatting quite a bit and making progress and to what David said right it’s it’s a to be like a flat or de de Democratic or open it takes more time to make I don’t know what the word is consensus or alignment or and everybody on the same page plus we’re all mostly a remote I know a couple of us are in Chang my but for the
(32:15) last couple weeks we’ve been all basically working online so it makes you know we have have to be extra extra extra expressive expressive yeah thank you we have to work hard to communicate it’s so hard you know to make sure everybody’s on the same page and and I know it’s been hard hard for James to keep up with some of maybe on the product side updates or the partnership updates that have been happening so I don’t know James if you have a suggestion on that what do you think is a solution to Loop you in to keep send
(32:46) you DMS of updates like what do you think is the best um as far as me I I think actually I feel like what to to handle this that said you know we have a decentralized team and we have have you know different people working on things and there’s really no natural transparency into the work that they’re doing for example I don’t understand what John’s doing or you know what Bo and G were doing as far as programming effort and I don’t necessarily need to unless like it becomes relevant for the
(33:19) documentation that I’m wrri John had just asked a question based off of that sort of thesis statement for what like Lo like this right and you know I John to answer your question and maybe this is like a good explor through a lesson but I’m I’m writing this this white paper more so more so for like potentially investors are like sort of Ido we’re not targeting vendors so much with this document and we’re not even necessarily targeting the intertial team and so consequentially we shouldn’t have to
(33:56) explain what like Marketplace is so we’ll certainly like include some of those questions we don’t necessarily have to include what a middle lay solution is you know the thesis statement though that will be inside the document as well and you know that when when Mike’s talking about the the Monday and the following days until today that we’ve had it was sort of these these kinds of conversations you know individually with the tap trying to figure out what we are you know as like protocol and I think we’re sort of going
(34:37) to coales my goal like when I’m writing this white paper is to pull everything together so that the the entire team can have a single source of Truth or at least a trampoline you know to have an exploratory conversation about the concepts that they don’t understand you know relative to something so okay so yeah let’s just try our best to keep everyone up to date somehow especially James on the to tokenomics so various Partnerships product updates if we could keep keep him up to date David do you want to share some updates on the
(35:17) finance department sure this I what what I would look would like to emphasize during regarding Finance is about the invoices and when when we receive them in order to be paid on time right of course we I I will keep doing the reminders and all the stuff but if you guys want to ensure that you are paid on time I suggest that maybe you have it drafted a little bit ahead of time so you just need to put the the amount so everything goes a little bit smoother on on that regard I think that’s important because I Reed I think it was an invoice
(35:57) after the payment on April 1st so that specific person will need to wait until the 15th of April which which might not be optimal for them right I think that’s that’s important to mention agreed I mean are the formats coming in okay so like putting the crypto address on the actual invoice the formats I think it was a little bumpy in January and February’s gotten better but yes yes yes I I didn’t I didn’t see anything that is like really bad in that regard if something needed to be amended I emailed
(36:36) the person and and and it has been amended properly so problem that you know I think I hope you know I know we’re so transparent here but you know the you’ve been working on the budget and different kind of burn rates and time frames so and we will you know we do want to fund raise so I I Alex is that do you think we should share a little bit of that with call today on the budgeting no no let let’s wait with and and that’s not because it’s super secret information everybody is just that I
(37:12) think that takes a little more planning but but I think what we can say is that we are planning to fund raise this this year uh and and you will hear more about that I think it’s worth sharing there’s a couple of course we’re we’re we’re deciding how to fund raise like like tokens to more you know to retail or to the to the broader Community or or like maybe like in a in a VC or or or a fund format maybe an equity so you know just just some thoughts for people yeah yeah but that’s the thing Mike let’s let’s
(37:45) let’s collect our thoughts on the options before we mention that this is because it’s true there’s many different ways of doing this and I think it’s fair that we we make this kind of an open Workshop almost but the but it’s it’s it’s too early okay fair point so let’s see I think the last major department which I guess I could speak for quickly because we’re still filling it more is operations and vendors and then maybe legal you know address is not here so the legal side
(38:15) the foundations have been formed the operating companies been formed were basically fully fully established on the operation side vendor side we have we have a lot of resour es from our from our years in e-commerce I just recently made a a telegram group with a a Chinese vendor that has also accepts cryp crypto payments into China which I think is an advantage and uh has worked in years in the industry and I met multiple times and and work with to discuss with our prod team about Integrations I I think they could be a
(38:53) really good first first supplier to work with both because we have a long-term relationship and they they accept crypto and they know crypto and they’ve they’re open to it and Technical people also the thought is you know the the thought is just the long term of that but oh go ahead Sor yeah I just I just have a question because I know Alex was sort of looking at you know road map of sports for us but like you know and forgive me if I just don’t know because that I I haven’t called all the documentation that we
(39:30) have yet but like do we have an overall road map for not just like development not just for fundraising but also for like roll out yeah there’s a still a rough one that’s being more cleared up but we shared about the kind of the cohort the course the like you know the program of the first batch of suppliers I think the rough idea you know is maybe the well the the product should be fully functional on production in in May but I think we should give it a time for testing and and such so June we’re
(40:09) hoping to maybe in may start to introduce the seller program that we’re discussing earlier about like the course and The Mastermind and the onboarding help and VIP so maybe the idea is start that first batch of sellers in June where where they would work on the program of learning how to list and how to service service the buyers and to be clear I don’t actually expect us to have you know like a a robust answer to the question ask you know I think the idea is seller onboarding is also around the token right because we’re trying to have the
(40:53) token as one of the utilities is to become to become a vendor but these these batch cohort courses might be our maybe pre-launch method of a seller joining the ecosystem through this program and then retroactively being you know converted to a traditional seller through the permissionless method that we want to do longterm with a token so I think roughly we’re thinking two cohorts maybe one in the summer in this June time frame and then maybe another in the the fall you know maybe 3 months after maybe September maybe those two and then
(41:29) hopefully but we we would like to move you know as a web 3 we want to be a permissionless model but I think that’s also reliant on the token and the that that format yeah too okay yeah it’s it’s co Lessing maybe a a question for the broader team but like you know I know people are working on various forms of documentation but is anyone creating documentation for like a general business strategy you know like out sequence you know because that that’s just one other mirror you know that helps like inform us you know
(42:09) as a team as to like where we’re going and why now we’re going there I think you know Jose’s been anxious to to help with Doc more Technical and and user documentation but of course we need an interface on the roll out strategy I mean I think it’s probably between Alex and I as of now to work on that but maybe we need a skeleton or a framework before we kind of fill it in deeply I would like you I would love to have you on board maybe once you get some of the more of the tokenomics side ready I I
(42:42) don’t know if you’re interested or able to participate but but I think that’s really on the side of Alex or I or maybe we would like to delegate that as a Learning and Development bucket of the marketing department and Business Development Department I Al is helping outline the different kind of sub parts of the marketing department and one would be Learning and Development which would include some of that okay yeah and again I you know I don’t expect these to be solved I think this is a good way we’re
(43:14) going that as a team ask questions like this and again Co yeah that’s the what we try to do with these Town Hall you know that this ideas this is the this is the IDE idea but yeah of course it’s it’s super exciting and I’ll be honest maybe it’s a nerve-wracking it’s we’re doing something that’s not been done before right like you know I think that’s any kind of startup we’re building it in midair like you know with building it as we are in the air you know we’re flying an airplane and
(43:46) building at the same time so so it’s also on the buy side right do we just let anybody buy do we only limit certain like Whit list addresses like we have this test net right now we have people that have participated in test net that’s still on hams adop Biz maybe we can do something special for those people and give them access to being buying on production or I think limiting on the buy side might be a beneficial too than just letting anybody buy it might make people feel more privileged to buy I I I’m so proud I think it’s you
(44:17) know maybe a a pre premature conversation right now you know frankly like I’m holding up some things for some documentation that I have to work through but at some point we should well two things if a planing and fundraising should probably have like you know specialized fundraising meeting and uh secondarily and more importantly we should probably have like a roll out and strategy discussion meeting and again these these don’t belong right now because we’re still answering some of the questions and figuring some of the
(44:50) things out but I take like maybe a month from now you know that’s something to look forward well so you know also can I ask oh go sorry go ahead m i mean I just said like I think it’s also Reliance on on your amazing white paper right right no pressure James but I think we’re thinking like June is when we start to really work on fundraising more publicly and and and profession and purposefully is J also is there is there any status update on like Grant applications yeah the the update is I I’ve not actually started that process
(45:23) at all that’s something I was Rec discussing and I can start the at least the light paper is a prerequisite that out like as soon as possible and we already have a website right and not everything has to be robust yeah another thing to look at to is the marketing which is something that you know I called M and I talk to him about that we might want to look at because that’s going to make in a weird way like some of the brand applications easier it’s going to make our eventual Ru up potentially easier it’s going to
(45:58) make if we want to go the VC route and want to have that discussion it’s going to make that easier it’s going to make it easier to vendors you know of course so you know in my opinion that’s something we should probably we start scoping the flame sword pretty soon okay well I and one other thing I wanted to mention and this is but one thing we we we talked about bringing up at the Town Hall is coordinate so oh you’re right I as yeah everybody here for the most part participated and in that first like
(46:30) coordinate round I believe me John Al or me John Alex Mike and I believe Jose voted as well but and and of the I think we were the only people that were on that round that actually that actually voted but we are going to run it back because I think we weren’t like clear enough I I suppose in what the requirements were and what needed to happen and so early next week I think the the 15th maybe Monday is a good day to start thinking about setting up that meeting and getting everybody in the same room once again and what we decided
(47:08) we’re going to do is one I I wrote up a little bit of documentation but I need to make it a little bit more robust so that it’s not just being at the meeting we can also direct people to some some page that walks through what’s you know what it looks like to vote and why we’re doing it this way and what it enables in the future all those sorts of things I believe everybody here almost everybody here I I need to get everybody into some form of our notion where we’ll share like Community docs like this so I have
(47:41) one set up right now for the engineering team and then I have one set up for the administrative team but I need a more general purpose one and that’s where that document will ultimately land but again next Monday I think what we decided we’re going to do is we’re going to set up two current rounds one is going to be the retroactive round you know a replay of the retroactive round we did initially as well as a current round and then we’re going to keep on doing those like two sessions in line
(48:14) with the the current period round until we come back up to to present and then we’ll just be doing one current Epoch you know on on two week or one month timelines going forward from there and so that’s you know and then everybody everybody who’s here everybody who’s in those circles and contributing will be you know we’ll we’ll get that we we’ll we’ll start saying that that is our our canon in terms of like token distribution and again that’s that’s as a percentage of what we decide an
(48:48) eventual team distribution is which is still subject to like you know some modeling when it comes to what our final toonomic number will be great and yeah just to C back just to make clear because I’m currently TI the white paper the toomics call on Friday when we’re talking about the Bice side pressure is that uh meaning that you’re comfortable with yeah no no no I’ll I’ll leave that one we’ll we’ll talk a little bit about the the ecosystem actors like I I have a good I need to dedicate maybe some time
(49:21) to it probably tomorrow I guess it has to be tomorrow but I’ll draw some things up and and I’ll I’ll lead that conversation and also I’ll bring in I guess I would the one thing I would ask if everybody who’s done tokenomics stuff before is just send me whatever diagrams you have and so so this is specifically aimed at John I’ll I’ll also message you about this but also James send me whatever like diagrams and things that you have already drawn up and we can go through and compare also yeah anybody
(49:53) who’s who’s written you know any sort of diagrams or is something other than what is in the like shared figma that we started with and I’ll bring it all in there and we can compare and contrast and yeah awesome and oh I can make myself like any time tomorrow okay sick okay yeah then let’s let’s work together let’s let’s set a time and work together you’re five hours ahead want to do like want to start at like 100 p.m.
(50:22) your time tomorrow certainly can yeah perfect okay all right then I will talkig that we all have access to that has those drawings that you were just talking about what you say there’s a figma that has all those drawings the ones we were talking about most recently so you I think you have access to that figma everyone has access to it yeah yeah would you mind sending the link again also yeah not quite because like I I haven’t been the documentation the the correct so also did that as okay so I think I think we covered everything I
(50:57) mean it’s right at the 1 hour mark so we like to keep these at 1 hour or unless there’s a couple of questions or or anything you know you know it’s open to the community too there’s some here for the community that is great you know we welcome anything and this is the April 10th 2024 town hall for Lo pipe Foundation wrapping up how’s everybody doing how you doing Alex felt good it always gets me excited I can’t sleep now yeah it’s it’s all good problems we’re dealing with honestly it’s it reminds me of one
(51:30) of my favorite quotes by the i p dandes he says the day before something is truly a breakthrough it’s a crazy idea I think that’s what we’re doing okay it’s true it’s exciting awesome all right thanks everybody and that’s that’s a wrap it’ll be posted on the map. load pipe.
(51:52) com blog thank you for being here with us exciting times yeah than everyone thank you all [Music] [Music]