Loadpipe Community Town Hall 16 – State of the Blockchain: May 2024


  • Design and Development Updates: The team is streamlining the design process, focusing on creating a cohesive design system and implementing AB testing. Mobile-friendly designs and potential logo changes are also being discussed.
  • Operational Planning and Scheduling: The importance of setting clear schedules, possibly shifting meetings from Mondays to another day, and using tools like Slack polls for better time management was emphasized.
  • Financial and Market Strategies: The foundation is working on forecasting Bitcoin valuations to manage funds effectively. They are also analyzing target markets, particularly in Latin America and East Asia, to understand the potential for crypto transactions and freight forwarding issues.
  • Team Growth and Collaboration: The team is growing slowly with new members and contractors. There is a call for better cross-department communication and collaboration, including welcoming others to join different department meetings.
  • Exploring New Opportunities: Discussions about adding digital products to their marketplace were held, considering legal and logistical aspects. The team is also exploring the economic conditions in different regions to adapt their strategies accordingly.



(00:02) so thanks for dialing in with us on this town hall for load pipe Foundation this is a state of the blockchain every 6 weeks we have these just to go through the status of of what we’re developing our timelines some deliverables and keep us all synced up this is is also is being recorded and will be published online on our blog so how’s everybody doing today morning morning how’s it over here we’re doing fine awesome great to hear so let’s just run down the list May will save product for for Bo do you want
(00:44) to give a little update about about some of the design side we’ve been chatting about it but just for those aren in the loop mov myself first hey everyone what’s up I’m streamlining the design process again um they’re going to be one joining right OB be sa my right arm so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to like streamline the process get what we built before and improve one unfold it and like make a design system and then build the bio version the new pages based on that make the color palettes make
(01:31) everything very consistent cohesive you’re going to a lot of like wireframing and testing things that we done on the past it will work or we will see users Behavior showing that we do we should do something different and then we will change it do very like basic AB testing and and see what’s [Music] if you want someone have question or or any idea just reach me out here thanks Lana that’s great so yeah just a little bit high level so you’re helping with the screens you help we we implemented the homepage that you made and now we’re
(02:17) working on you’re going to help with the like you said a framework first like a a skeleton or a kind of like a guideline you said for for the entire the Hamza Market place we also the mobile screens will will be needed too we do want have a mobile friendly website as well but it’s exciting and then also the logo do you think the current logo I think we should make that’s not the Final Logo right or do you think that’s oh no it’s it’s not I mean going to make a better logo for sure great and then
(02:55) that’s part out that we’re going to need to work on great and then maybe do you think we should have some calls with different people the team to dis to do some sessions like we did a a while ago so so I had a meeting with John today and and my suggestion is for us to have a weekly call dedicated to design UI and ux both we are doing and UI like is more about the user experience it’s more about the usability it’s more about the information architecture and the UI is more about the visual part the colors the fonts the
(03:38) sizes so we we this would be like a call dedicated for that make sure that his aspects are aligned to the marketing goals and make sure that align to the business goals right so I believe on this meeting be useful to have marketing people on it it’ll be useful to have stakeholders related to Dev yeah I I I I mean we don’t need to make it like very crowded as small as possible but relevant stakeholders will be welcome on it okay and me and John we talked about to make it every every Monday I know every mon Monday is the the busiest day
(04:22) for everyone but might doing another day if like everybody’s very busy but ideally Monday is a good day for that okay I mean yeah it’s Mondays are usually my I call admin Finance days I do have a few calls too but but it is I I think like because I Mak sense of be money but we can do it Tuesday because I feel that many people have this day crowded so make can more relaxed on Tuesday agree um yeah we can discuss maybe in the in the CH in the in a group Channel or make maybe make a poll or I can help you or we could pick a couple times and
(05:07) people could put a or b Emoji reaction or something but personally I vote Tuesday generally but yeah I mean I also have a bunch of call every day is getting busier I’m noticing on my calendar so let’s see but let’s let’s start to confirm that in the next cple for next week maybe before this Friday we should pick a time okay I have I have a question regarding this guys just just for understanding because I’m not super familiar with the topic but what’s going to be decided if I understand properly
(05:40) right the colors to be used the fonts everything that will be affecting the experience of the users when they use the platform right any want to answer I mean I mean the first my expectations is like the first the first concept I built a while ago I already made the propos of what I believe I did haven’t I haven’t changed my mind about it like I I still confident about this direction unless someone is not and have a concern in terms of color palette the darker tone instead of white relates to the crypto
(06:17) community and the target audience you’re looking for this buttons like using the new colors something like I would like to keep the for the design system again I I would like I would suggest let us the the the team design a new page using this system and to see how it FS as a as a like system because you only see a page you haven’t seen this up folded into something else right so it will be very helpful to see that and globally we can change colors on the on the system we’re building we change colors globally we
(07:01) can change phon phones globally but suggest for us not to avoid doing this a lot my question was my question were related to the as far as I understand and correct me if I’m wrong all these decisions should be linked to our the corporate image we that we want to show to the world right and I just was I was just wondering if this has never been discussed like what is the image we want to show to the world there is a brige brief case or something like that I shared a link to the figma that I don’t know if you saw that or if you
(07:37) figma is like a design system Luciano made this mockup it’s actually been implemented and we did have a branding session where we discussed this of I’m not sure who or even when that call was but that was a few months ago okay but I think that’s what Luciano is going to be working on next is a framework so that it’s I was thinking brand book but then he suggested cuz he’s obviously more experienced than I am but I’m more of a a fra framework right so that similar I call like in terms of U we call Design
(08:12) system because this is the heart of the of course like and like let’s talk about branding in a broader sense the all is the I think for for a for a company like a startup like like digital company like this website is the main end touch point for the customer so the design system is already some type of brand book itself because it’s the foundation of the the product the brand is is all linked right so I think it’s going to be there the fonts the colors so everything’s going to be on this document it be under the
(09:00) figma right you have a a tab there that you can find this okay but so so D you’re definitely welcome to join these future sessions I believe right Luciano that so it’ll be a weekly call where we get into this design I think it’ll probably be more suitable for product team and but I think you could course join if if you’re interested but it’ll be a weekly call Where We sync up with the design and the product team to align and yeah okay all right that that that will be nice at least just to be a little bit more on
(09:34) the loop but know the other part of the business sure I don’t know if you prefer Monday or Tuesday but we’ll probably I’m I’m okay I’m okay I can adapt no problem okay let’s but yeah Luc if you want to help maybe our put we put like some kind of a poll in the chat slack before the end of this week maybe today or tomorrow to confirm what’s the best time okay DAV you want put a on this SL for the day right I think well maybe it should even be more clear like day and time like maybe two or three options
(10:09) that maybe work for you and then hope yeah like a Discord poll but maybe it could be like an emoji like put a Emoji a Emoji b or I could help if you don’t know but I think both taught me like you can just write a I’ll I’ll do it I’ll do it okay yeah which group which group yeah that’s a question I was wondering I’m wondering too which group uh I guess it’s team call so maybe team chat General General team General General team team okay but I I I believe like we we should make this poll only with the
(10:47) relevant stakeholders this I I prefer like to keep this more focused on okay we can discuss that now or later but it seems like dav’s interest is to just kind of listen in and Jose saying in chat he’s interested to participate but I don’t know if you consider them to be of course of course it’s open I I would just but we can we can go about that we make a new group for design and then okay I’ll make a group right now okay so DAV you want to give an update on your department maybe state of blockchain where we at on finance and
(11:28) and you’re working on yes these days we are working on on setting the basis for having everybody’s contract in place and we need to know that in order to figure out how long the funds that we have will remain in time right this is and this is something I I’ve been discussing with B right the most difficult part here it’s how to forecast the valuation of Bitcoin right in for the next 78 months right and what we are working at the moment it’s in building different different value scenarios like optimistic realistic
(12:15) catastrophic scenario right to know how long will our money last in time so we can figure out the needs of the company if we need to rise capital again or or or how how basically what should be the strategy for financing the company in the next eight eight months until December at the moment I think Michael sailor like guy he knows the price of Bitcoin in the future I think really I’m joking I’m joking bad joke maybe I I mean I I I will marry him if he if he can say that because it’s it’s I mean there is no way you you
(13:01) match it so you need to make assumptions right happy P today’s Bitcoin Pizza day we should all eat a pizza pizza today’s the pizza day I think it is today it’s today 10,000 Bitcoin was exchanged for two pizzas I think in 2010 on May May 22nd 2010 yeah was it 22nd of May yeah they call it Bitcoin Pizza day I believe it’s today I’ve seen on Twitter I’m not sure how to verify that but I’m seeing it on Twitter so yeah yeah you’re right you’re right it was today uh 14 years ago yep I
(13:40) so I so just so people don’t really understand so dav’s been working on a project to try to kind of figure out our burn rates most of our current funding or our budget is in denominated BTC so we’re trying to project but I think I I think we’re pretty clear for this year it depends on how kind of crazy we go but of course and of course it depends on the price of Bitcoin right so so far it’s been going our the right direction though but yeah I understand but I’m hoping by this Friday as a goal at least for the
(14:15) foundation and we’ve been saying this Friday where we could kind of sign off on it and because I think just I think it’s good everybody hears it but some of the stress is like we don’t know how to choose decide to to to we’re getting proposals in people want to help people want to join the team people want to contribute but we don’t really know ex as much as we want to know our burn rate and our time frames so I I think Alex was hoping by this Friday is a deadline or a Target to have some report for us
(14:49) to make some analysis of and understanding actually uh on my last go with Bo I created a template where you guys can play with that with both salaries to be agreed on and also the Bitcoin valuation based on your discussions that will get you into into a forecast until December of of of the burn rate right you will be able to pay to play with that in your next meeting and based on what you see you might be able to take some decisions already okay thank you thank you yeah he did mention this all right who’s
(15:35) on the call here Jose but let’s just go around Jose you want to give some updates on some things you’ve been studying or working on just as a a status update not not much really just basically trying to keep up to date with the tokenomics and I would like to to see Luciano’s work on UI ux when he when he has something to to to disc SC because I feel that that’s relevant for for the eventual user support yep agreed there was a document I we talked to mention I mentioned you on a call recently this document I hope you can
(16:14) open it but we are uh working on a analysis of which Target buyer Market to focus on first for Hamza and of course Latin America is on that list it is high on that list so I don’t know if you’d like to give some research insights about the pros and cons you think about selling to Latin America or I don’t know if you want pick I know it’s a big region or pick a specific region or country within that that you think I don’t know you would like to okay I will I will look at this document and give you my feedback as soon as
(16:53) possible on the Latin American yeah scene cuz basically what we’re trying to decide of course we’d love to sell from everywhere to everywhere but even Amazon doesn’t do that right now and other major marketplaces don’t sell everywhere so we have to pick at least one market our our our most like yeah our most likely from is going to be from China way from China most likely the way I see it the way I see it Mike is most most people here in Latin America use us-based the freight forwarders I don’t
(17:25) know if that would be a problem for the market it’s a great I mean using Freight forwarders using using Freight forwarders simplifies a lot of the stuff but it also complicates things if like customers want to return a product you see because if it’s been through the hands of a third party like like according to Amazon policy Amazon would not honor any returns if Freight forwarders were involved and I think we’d have to keep in line with that if if we if we decide to cater to the Latin American Market using Freight
(18:01) forwarders understand well that’s great to put into your your reports yeah I mean I think that’s a great point we can consider in your in your analysis but like I said on the other hand using Freight forwarder simplifies a lot of stuff I mean it it it especially on the on the issue of of like a users confirming customers confirming delivery yeah if if we were to somehow team up with Freight forwarders I mean we’d have that information firsthand I mean I think this is a really great analysis and I don’t know if you want to
(18:33) give us some research on that I’m very interested to to learn and dig and support you on that maybe if you could allocate some resources to that in the next week or so that’ be amazing yeah I will I will try to do a write up for for when we meet next and we’ll have something to show okay perfect hey I I have a quick comment on that hi everyone I’m walking the streets of Berlin right now but yes we especially I’ve been like going through and building out the the pitch deck and I have a section dedicated to Southeast
(19:05) Asia that has a little bit of data support which is work that was done by James and so like seeing numbers on in terms of like what percentage of people own crypto in Latin America what countries are like most likely to accept crypto or allow for the kind of crypto transactions we’re looking for I could add that as a section to the pitch deck and then I think the freight forwarding thing that like sort of Last Mile fulfillment I think sort of a separate issue but also something requires consideration so I I would say like I
(19:34) would I would it would be incredible if you could focus on just like sort of the General market analysis of crypto acceptance and identifying countries in South America because that like Last Mile fulfillment stuff is stuff we’re going to have to do across the board no matter what Market we choose but it it seems like a separate issue to me okay awesome I mean okay okay great so so yeah thanks both for making even on the road in East Berlin and so we just started we had Luciano give an update on the UI ux and and design and then we had
(20:08) DAV give some updates about his analysis of the burn rate and financials and then Jose just gave his update so John and Garo and you are here maybe product and then I could kind of go through some BD updates to close up okay yeah John go ahead thanks yeah so last time we had Town Hall was when six weeks ago so it must have been okay that’s what I thought yeah early in six weeks ago here’s where we were at we were on Sprint two I believe of our like numbered Sprints we were just starting to very timidly customize the main
(20:52) things that we needed to customize for in our platform Medusa the e-commerce platform that we’re using so now we’re at a point where all the core customizations for the most part they are done and we’re adding features the team is growing it’s grown a little bit but we’re still trying to stay small for as long as possible just for better efficiency and we’re also making use of some contractors for specific jobs also we might grow a little bit in the upcoming weeks so the road map for the next 6
(21:25) weeks is that we’ll be focusing on the demo for July 8th for ECC and it’s going to feature revamped UI which we’re working with Luciano on hopefully you finish admin side for multivendor sellers integration with our payment provider that’s kind of the main feature and more features on the user facing side and once that’s done we’re going to make a plan to get us to to the end of the road to the launch and for right now there’s no set date for that but there will be short after July 8 so things are going
(22:02) well and we’re making good progress awesome thanks John and when’s the shooting range am I going to miss that still to be determined we might we might do it after the next like thing to celebrate which I guess would be a successful July 8th okay until then we’ll be very busy yeah that is true lot to do got it got it we’ll see we’ll see we’ll keep be informed thank you I want to try to attend so keep me posted there’s a there’s a shooting range discussion for anybody interested to come to Jenai for
(22:35) some shooting range action all right I mean bo bo Regaro if you want to add to that add to that or if you or G how you feeling I haven’t we we’re preparing our ECC trip we had a call yesterday arranging some travel maybe a little update G if wanted to share some some things you’ve been doing I think G is not paying attention because writing code yeah he’s working so hard no worries I oh oh no I’m here oh you’re here you’re here yeah I don’t know just working on development of the
(23:13) website okay great yeah I mean I wish I I don’t get to engage you too much on a dayto day but I hear great things from John and Bo and everyone on the product team so so yeah it’s been great to hear your grow in your contributions so it’s appreciated thank you thank you Alex just popped in I know he’s super busy we’ve had a lot of calls lately especially with Alex everybody likes Alex he’s he’s been really helpful with the team Communications and coordinations and coach in coaching are you able to share with us
(23:50) today Alex yeah yeah sorry sorry for the delay guys I’ve been I don’t know about you guys but I would kill for another hour in the day and if I had that I probably sleep but but no I think I think things are going super super well I mean honestly M reflecting on the last few months a lot of my learnings has at least been to come to understand that I’m working with some pretty pretty smart people in a field that I’m not necessarily that smart in I feel my biggest task honestly becomes just continuously being open minded about how
(24:24) I’m probably only seeing a very small part of the picture and then having a bigger bit faith that that I’ll get the rest as we kind of go along with things I think one of the interesting things that that perhaps worth sharing with the team is that uh me and Mike are searching for for a new advisor to have taken board potentially to help a little more on the grounds when it comes to buyer research and I think that task has been has been quite challenging honestly because we we don’t know who these
(24:53) buyers are yet so how do you how do you form a job around that yeah yeah so that’s just one thing that’s really kept my mind going today I just came back from from the gym and I spent spent a good hour kind of thinking about the about that task because guys there is 400 million crypto users in the world right I mean just just imagining just capturing 10% of that market right that’s 40 million buyers that’s that’s dwarfing Amazon right it even if you just capture 1% we we have a pretty good
(25:28) opport assuming that we can find these people and we can identify them so that’s just been something I’ve been thinking about and want to yeah I mean we did speak to a potential person to help us this morning and she gave a couple I got a couple insights one Insight was she sees crypto buyers as two groups one is investors that hoddle and don’t want to sell or you maybe won’t even want to use their crypto to buy some physical products but she’s says the second is these Gamers like web 3 Gamers that use
(26:02) crypto for web 3 gaming and obviously each of those two avatars within the crypto buyer Market is is different and that was pretty I I I was agreeing with that there’s the investors and then there’s the gamers in these two subsections of crypto buyers or crypto people which maybe even think about we’re looking at Vietnam and Vietnam they the the reports James had found say it’s like 30% Plus Market penetration of crypto there so I my gut feeling is there probably a lot of gaming of crypto and what I’ve
(26:37) noticed at some of these conferences at least in Southeast Asia I’d love maybe if Bo gave us some insights about in Europe but in Asia it’s a lot of gaming crypto gaming a lot of the stuff I see is gaming related in these crypto conferences in bangok and yeah Hong Kong and I think just just shouting out to the to the group here team if if anyone who specialize in really really product Market B but but doing the initial research to find your customer segment right and and I think we look for the house not just the ideas of what needs
(27:11) to be done we need someone who need execution that’ be super helpful and then of course preferably if it’s a woman that’s not to say that I I don’t like you guys and everything but we don’t want this to be a male locker room right I think sometimes it’s quite valuable to to see if we can get some advisory from from both The Bu Market that may be interesting right I mean there’s a lot of female buyers out there as well I believe the stats are something like 30% or 35% of all crypto
(27:36) holders also women so it’s a pretty it’s a pretty big Market of women that you could also Target and and that would be a way to differentiating quite strong so so anyways I have a potential candidate that I’ve reach out to and but if anyone else has ideas just think me okay thanks for those insights Alex all right right and then on on my side on the BISD or marketing well Don also we had a call we had a Sprint this Sprint meeting earlier today Don presented a pretty extensive survey research report on the seller side so as
(28:14) Alex is talking about the buyer side so what Don is kind of covering is covering the seller side and he’s made a pretty extensive survey and I will support him and anyone here also can support him to get sellers to fill out this survey we’ll be creating a little landing page and and do some more push on various communities and groups to get more sellers to f a survey and engage with them and also a webinar series and like expert series and influencers to help us with spreading the word it’s it’s pretty
(28:44) exciting to see that come to life so he’s heading that up I will be going to I I was on the road a couple times last since last call I think since last call I was in Hanoi for the hackathon and the southeast a blockchain week in Bangkok and then in Hong Kong for the Bitcoin Asia and ordinals and a fork event web 3 event of course there’s a lot to update there and I I have video video blogs text blogs and I write them up in a week plans but there’s huge support in these of course they are crypto Focus but for
(29:17) a physical product Marketplace they a lot in various cities are very happy to be able to use their cryptocurrency to buy physical products and are excited to be a you a buyer I think mostly they represent the buyers the crypto events I don’t really see as vendors or Sellers and investors also I’ve I’ve presented we are working on a pitch I think B’s taking a next crack at it it’s been passed around the torch to a few of us there’s quite a few versions of pitches I think both hopefully helping
(29:51) put the finishing touches on his next iteration but I patched together a few different pitches we’ve been using using and demos and they’re they’re definitely impressed and they’re supportive and they’re interested to be involved in any kind of investment round when we’re ready as well as grants there’s quite a handful of grants that seem warm I think Bo’s got a couple he’s working on I have a couple I’m I’m working on so it does feel positive of course talk is cheap as
(30:19) I say and but they do feel genuinely interested genuinely genuinely interested and they do feel the investors feel like this is the the next cycle for Consumer products on on blockchains one said he’s really interested in consumer he puts us under consumer category because we’re dealing with end buyers on the marketplace so they are definitely very interested and I’ll be going to China next week on Monday for about a week and a half and then back to Vietnam after to so in China I will be going to see
(30:56) vendors and factories and Logistics companies that I work with as well as we want to partner with it’d be great if Jose could give me some some logistics companies maybe I can meet there but it’ll be a lot about supplier side Logistics side I also have a lot of connections I lived there 12 years so it’ll be a lot of that and then Vietnam will be GM Vietnam conference which is the biggest crypto event in Vietnam and they say like second or third biggest in Southeast Asia for crypto where I was tempted to
(31:28) get a booth but we’re just not ready so it’ll be a 10d but we’ll be knowing some of the booths that are there and we do feel like Vietnam might be one of our top buyer markets for the penetration and the network so we’re hoping to get some maybe Partners Distributors influencers as well from that event and then I just took a last trip up to Hanoi to follow up with some of the tech tech companies I met developers I met and I’ll also do a speech there about e-commerce so I’m getting a good feeling
(32:01) about Hanoi but we’re just try to set more into Vietnam so that’s some of the updates there as well as yeah there’s a lot of people excited about this they all say like it’s a humongous project I mean we all know it’s a humongus project so they’re very impressed with the ambition and want to contribute all right those are those are some of the updates I think there’s lots happening and I hope these calls help I know some of us don’t talk to each other cross Department too much and like David said
(32:35) he’s he’s interested to join some calls I think we should welcome others onto different department calls so they can understand and maybe even contribute is there any other points or questions or anybody want to share more of what they’re working on or any kind of questions to discuss no oh I heard an unmute oh not me not you no no Mike I was I was I was wondering and and I’m sorry to insist on this but I was wondering if youve guys given the idea of the digital Market some thought I mean I I it seems to me
(33:15) like a very lwh hanging fruit it doesn’t it doesn’t imply a lot of complex physical Logistics okay I’ll uh we’re we’re lucky to have John on our team I mean ebooks basically ebooks John what’s your I mean what would it take to sell like a a e ebook a digital book or digital music I mean I would need to look into that I’m not sure what goes into actually like shipping those probably I I would say I mean probably just easier than selling a physical product it might be something we we need to integrate I can look into
(33:58) it do you want me to take some time to look into that or is that like a level two thing or is that something want I mean I know you’re so busy I I don’t know I mean I I mean basically Jose is bringing it up again it’s he’s he’s brought up a few times I I’ve I’ve basically so I basically said I don’t think it’s our core Focus question is about about selling digital products correct yeah books music well to me to me there’s there’s two hurdles one is a legal hurdle because you you run into
(34:27) copyright issues but I don’t know Andre is not here to to to address this but I feel that if we don’t if we don’t host any files on Ser on our servers we basically don’t don’t don’t run into that so so I think maybe on the logistics aspect it would be something like emailing to the I mean the vendor would be emailing to the user and emailing emailing us a copy or or so so that we can verify that that the digital good has been has been delivered yeah that might be that might be the case that might be possible so I’m going
(35:02) to put it on my list as a research task like every Sprint we do maybe one or two research tasks and so I’ll add that when we get to it then we’ll look into that and see what does it what does it entail can you do it without saving any files and what’s involved with it yeah yeah it’s a good point exactly I once saw another site where the where the vendor would host their digital Goods on an encrypt as an encrypted file on their drive space and they would give the buyer link to the to the digital drive
(35:37) and the password for un encrypting yeah I would guess it would be some kind of token or or something that gives you the right to then go ahead and get the thing from The Source yeah without having yeah exactly without having the digital good hosted by us which would give us all kinds of problems I mean it seems like that’s a very lwh hanging fruit to me I don’t I don’t see why not why not do it yeah I guess it’s true I’ve been the one kind of maybe hesitating to it and the reason is we don’t want to make the experience we
(36:15) have to make a separate section like Amazon if it’s called Kindle right it’s like a totally different department I think we mix digital and physical in in like the same same I don’t maybe lucana has feedback but I would just feel like it should be a different department or section or category at least and but actually other feedbacks a few people have asked me about services like upwork people are also saying upw work is not fair right upw work they want to do their online job work and be paid through something like what we’re making
(36:45) and I think that can also be possible in what we’re we’re doing and as well I tell them I think it might be in a potential long-term road map but I just am a fearful of everything sounds somewhat simple and so you get into the details and everything takes development time like even John would take his time to to research doing that so that’s just my personal concerns it would that’s all I mean I would I’d rather it be like a separate website or a a separate app or brand personally well well I would
(37:25) see what we can do so that it won’t it won’t take up or it won’t take us into a rabbit hole and use up a lot of time is what we normally do with research tasks is just time box them to some appropriate amount of time like even an hour just to get some initial information about it so from that one hour we could um get a little bit of an assessment on how complicated will it be maybe we’ll find it’s not complicated at all and it is a low hanging fruit or maybe we’ll just know a little bit more
(37:54) about how complicated it is would you would you mind if I do a brief write up on that and give it to you so we can get something started on that J the more the most effective Jose in my opinion is we talked earlier on this call about you maybe researching the Latin americ Market if you could kind of convince us that there’s tons of people that want to buy digital Goods with crypto I think yeah that that is pending homework Mike I I’ll I’ll get I’ll get you some some data on that on the Latin
(38:26) American Market Market in general well what I mean I guess the second part is the digital Market digital digital Goods Market maybe in Latin America or globally or I mean I’m not sure where you’re I mean I have the same problem I have ideas too I mean but I have to even justify it to myself and to the team like why why I think well why we think this yeah the thing with digital the thing with digital Goods is that it enables a sort of a gig economy that’s very interesting in these countries even in countries like China I was I was
(38:59) watching a video yesterday on on a YouTube channel called the China Observer and they were talking about the economic slump in in China which which which is due to the real estate market collapse and such so basically you have a bunch of people young people who are college graduates with a very high-profile academic academic profiles and stuff they’re they’re out of jobs and they’re setting up stalls and working odd jobs here in there just to get by so that seems to be a pretty common situation all over the world now no i’
(39:35) agree I’d agree and I mean I I’m excited about the upw workk thing but I’m not I don’t really want to even bring it up to our Croc team because I know it’s a bit different oh yeah I mean the the upwork I can see why the upwork thing would be a very complex issue to handle I mean you’d have to check to see if the if the client is satisfied with a job being provided by some other guy but I mean with the digital Goods I mean s selling a selling an ebook or or a file or a video or a video course or or a PDF
(40:06) maybe that’s it seems to me maybe I’m too naive about this but it seems to me like a little hang I think the biggest risk like you identified is the IP risk because there’s how am I going to know you’re selling something that’s you you have the rights or that’s your book like I know you’ve written some books yourself and you shared them with me and if you sell those how do I we don’t really want to be I don’t personally want to be a Pirate Bay or a silk road I I don’t really I don’t really want to
(40:32) enable pirated products to be sold personally yeah exactly well the I mean the thing is that we wouldn’t be hosting anything and we’d sort of draft up the terms that to to to make it very clear that the person selling the uh digital good is responsible for any IP breach copyright breach and that sort of stuff I do understand that but I think you’ve seen a lot of inbound emails on at purse and I’ve already seen some and others the lawyers don’t care lawyers don’t care right about that yeah so well anyway that that part
(41:13) needs some some further thought yes I mean but yeah let’s especially on the legal yeah let’s let’s if you could talk of course we like John and everyone we welcome everyone document their requests and then we could have some time spent on the development side but I think the hardest thing is focus focus is very hard I I especially me I want I have so many ideas but focus is the hardest part yeah I would just throw out as long as we’re talking about this kind of stuff there’s two other things that we
(41:42) will need to research I’m happy to do it anyone who maybe knows more about it can also do it those two things are number one tax and number two shipping one is tax how we will calculate and deal with that and two is shipping how we will integrate with physical shipping but we don’t need to talk about it now just throwing it out that those are two things that will need to be researched after July 8th before launch John have you looked into any any tracking tracking aggregator services like that that provide a quote already for based
(42:15) on the package weight and stuff they they provide a quote with everything included taxes shipping and handling and all that yep I figured that would be a core part of a shipping solution yeah yeah I mean because if Amazon’s able to do it I mean they they must be using something like that yeah that’s what I figured as well you sent me something too which I have a up that all right well I think I think I think we should keep these compact a little bit like the point of State at the blockchain is a six week update
(42:50) where different departments or or different people in the team share what they working on so we all can kind of get some high level like I mean exciting to me I mean we should be very like Alex mentioned we’ve really also I think one other is we’ve grown as a team I mean I think it’s very hard to work online we’re all mostly working online Sometimes some of us meet for coffee but primarily we’re working online which is even harder especially as a tech startup doing something so so Innovative so we
(43:19) have developed as a team I think we’ve had some really great conversations I hope everyone feels they’ve not been neglected if you need to talk to anyone me or others Alex is probably the most approachable but you can also approach anyone else or me or or others but we have been adjusting roles and responsibilities within the team we’ve been adjusting various proposals we’re trying to recognize everybody’s contributions yesterday we had a tokenomics call we’re talking about the governance we’re talking about
(43:48) coordinate we’re talking about ways to recognize so I hope everybody’s happy it’s it’s we’re a very early stage still so team is very important in a in a project like this so we want everyone to be happy and recognized and I hope everyone feels like that on this call cuz you you are so but I think we should also get some rest I think a lot of us have been burning out especially John I hope can get some downtime we should also make sure we all rest Alex especially tells me that we should get
(44:20) our rest too but we’re doing great and we’re making progress so I guess we’ll do this in six more weeks which should be in the calendar but I think that would be in July maybe that’ll actually be when we’re in Brussels would that be EC yeah it will be a little before it’ll be right before that I think exciting so this is the next town hall will be right before the the big ECC exciting all right everybody I think I hope everybody got a chance to share and J I don’t want to discourage you I mean yeah we can keep
(44:53) pushing it ahead I mean my only concern is just focus that’s all but I’m glad to keep bringing it up and pursuing it but thank you all for your input and and suggestions and we really try to Value everyone’s input so thank you thank you all right take care everybody thanks y thank you guys cheers bye [Music] [Music]