Loadpipe Foundation Week Update Feb 4, 2024 – Map001

This week!

After last week’s intense events, including the launch of Project Raft Testnet (Read More Here), Ecomm Meetup & User Feedback Tuesday in Thailand, Crypto 201 Webinar Wednesday, and Startup Pitch Friday night, THIS WEEK we are taking a more laid-back approach. We’ll be reflecting on all the data and input received, following up with many individuals interested in building, contributing, and being part of our transparent and community-centered ecommerce ecosystem.

We have decided to push the next webinar, Crypto 301, to the following week. However, anticipate some exciting announcements and gatherings this week on Discord, along with opportunities to engage with our dedicated community members and empower them.

Additionally, some friends in the community are cooking up interesting things this week. Stay tuned!

Reflecting on last week’s achievements:

Monday – Launched Project Raft testnet (read more on https://blog.hamza.biz/raft  and the broader announcement on https://map.loadpipe.com/step1)

Tuesday – held a local ecommerce meetup in Thailand and engaged with seller https://events.globalfromasia.com/cm26/

Wednesday – hosted online webinar, Crypto 201 https://map.loadpipe.com/webinar-crypto201/   (expect announcement for Crypto 301 in the following week)

Friday – Startup Pitch event at Yellow Capital – https://twitter.com/YieldMagnet/status/1753024591738610163
Saturday – branding and marketing strategy session.

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